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Luxury ski holidays in the Swiss Alps

SkierWhen it comes to ski holidays, Switzerland has something of a reputation as the playground of the rich and famous. Whether this is down to its cinematic appearances (Heidi, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), its clientele (the Beckhams being one recent example), its stunning, majestic scenery or its prestige (St. Moritz has played host to ski holidays since 1864), it’s hard to say. Whatever the reason, the Swiss Alps are the location of choice for the skiing connoisseur. As a result of this, there is a healthy supply of luxury ski chalets available in any of the top-name Swiss resorts. For those who have never experienced a luxury ski holiday, a luxury ski chalet typically comes with a personal chef, a full-range of technological treats (iPods, HD TVs) and mod-cons (saunas, hot tubs) and a chauffeur. Chaperones may be available to escort children to ski school if on a family ski holiday and plenty more besides depending on your requirements. Think of it as staying in a 5 star hotel where you’re allowed to raid the fridge. St. Moritz is one of the headline Swiss ski resorts, having not only been open since 1864, but having hosted the Winter Olympics in both 1928 and 1948, whilst Zermatt offers the most spectacular scenery, sitting as it does in the shadow of the imposing grandeur of the Matterhorn mountain. At a close second, Saas Fee offers 13 peaks reaching 4,000 metres above sea level for some more outstanding scenery.  In the sort of surroundings that only the Swiss Alps can offer, and with a long and prestigious history of providing for the rich and famous, whichever resort you end up in will turn a group ski holiday into a luxury ski holiday. Nick Lewis writes for Eclipse Ski, a Brighton based ski holidays agency. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. excellent post this!
    I’m a huge fan of Swiss ski resorts and verbier in particular.
    Top of the wish list has to be Branson’s luxury villa but you can stay right in the centre of town on very modest means indeed if you know where to book, as the experts at Eclipse Ski do!

    Anyhoo… great country to ski in and great ski holiday company to travel with – excellent advice!

  2. I spent some time at Verbier this year,Switzerland has some excellent mountains to ride. It was included on my Chamonix Unlimited ski pass. I’m not actullay bothered about staying in Richard Branson’s villa. The luxury to me is to be able to enjoy the mountains.
    I don’t suppose the You Tube embed code will work so I will post the link to one of my public videos below.

  3. Great post! Zermatt is my absolutely favourite! St. Mortiz is also great. I also like Flims-Laax and Davos Klosters – all with great skiing and really good restaurants!

  4. Have only been skiing in Switzerland once but it was by far my favourite destination. We stayed in Grindelwald, our chalet opened out to a spectacular view of the Eiger and the skiing and facilities were excellent. There was also a lot of options for the non-skiiers in the group such as a train up to the glacier. Would definitely recommend!

  5. St. Moritz is my new favourite. I would say it is as goog as Zermatt, and slightly easier to reach. And they have definetively one of the best piste restaurants, El Paradiso.

  6. I spent some time at Verbier this year, Switzerland has some of the best skiing facilities anywhere and also some of the most picturesque skiing i have done, hopefully going to St. Moritz next year, Would definitely recommend!

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