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Top 5 luxury beachfront villa destinations

There is no better way than to spend your vacation in the lap of luxury and nature. In addition, you have the money to spend, and then splurging it on a luxury vacation in some of the best holiday destinations in the world is an ideal choice. Of all these luxury holiday destinations the one that is right on top of the list are beaches. Simply lazing away and relaxing while you soak up the sun admist the cool sea breeze is what every luxury traveller would love to experience. Luxury or five star hotels and other home rentals in holiday beach destinations will however restrict your experience and oneness with nature. If you want to experience nature at its best, and lead an envious holiday life then your best choice would be luxury beachfront villas. Here is a list of some of the best 5 luxury beach villas that you can choose from. These are top rated luxury villa destinations and are known just by a celebrated few. 1. Cabo San Lucas – The Cabo San Lucas and the pedregal that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and the Marina is home to some of the finest luxury beach villas you will ever come across. Most of these beachfront luxury villas open into the beautiful, pristine, and warm waters. It’s not just the luxury beachfront villas that are an attraction, but the 360 days of warm sunshine will surely make your vacation memorable. Your luxurious stay will also include chef services, the best staff services, spa treatments and everything luxurious that money can buy. 2. Hawaii – If its sun, surf and sand then it is got to be Hawaii. However, if you want to experience Hawaii in style then choose to stay in some of the best beachfront luxury villas that Hawaii has to offer. The Wailea Beach Villas, and the exotic beach villas at Oahu, Kauai, Maui, North Shore, which is considered Oahu’s poshest areas, and some other luxurious beachfront villas will give you the best experience that Hawaii has to offer. 3. Akumal – The Akumal beachfront villa rentals in the Mayan Riviera are splendid and are sure to let you enjoy your life to the fullest. You will find seveal privately owned luxury villas apart from the well-known ones right across the 20-mile stretch of Akumal. These luxury beachfront villas are sure to take you to paradise with its spot on service, amazing scenery, white sandy beaches, and soothing sea breeze. You are sure to enjoy a laid-back vacation with the latest in luxury and amenities. 4. The Hamptons – Highly regarded among the high society in New York, the Hamptons luxury beachfront villas are a name to reckon with. The luxury beachfront villas promise you of breathtaking views, top service and the best there is on offer when it comes to food and wellness. You could even choose to set sail in the sea or throw a beach side party in your beachfront home that opens directly into the sea. 5. Bali – This exotic location and the warm sunshine will thrill your souls. The luxury beachfront villas in Bali will make you experience tropical lifestyle at its best. Most of these luxury villas are known for their unique character and have housed several dignitaries and celebrities. It’s the best for those who wish to travel along, family or even friends. Ollivier Jacq is Founder of Paradizo. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.


Ollivier applies his passion for travel to his role as CEO of Paradizo. Paradizo is the leading online resource for luxury vacations. Paradizo brings together the world’s finest luxury travel collection of luxury villa rentals, yacht charters, private jets, private islands and luxury tours such as heliskiing or yacht vacations.

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  1. Ollivier – I loved Cabo San Lucas, good choice! I would also have put forward the Maldives. Our beachfront villa had to be seen to be believed. Utter bliss.

  2. I would sincerely hope that Akumal includes he surrounding area of Tulum, and Tankah Bay!

  3. One of the most beautiful beaches I have been to is at Stradbroke Island in Australia, maybe not luxury. However I would like to find a beach with no jelly fish or sharks. Maybe this is impossible. I would love to go to the Hamptons.

  4. i would have loved to see some austrlian destinations on the list i have stayed in some amazing beach front villas throughout the country, most recently noosa but also on the great ocean road.

  5. Bali seems an exotic place to spend summer. Just the right place to relax and meditate. After watching the movie, “Eat Love and Pray” I would love to pack my bags right away and go there with my hubby.

  6. I so love your choices. My favorite is Hawaii. Thailand also has gorgeous beach front villas, particularly in Miskawaan. You might also want to check it out..

  7. Hawaii! For beach lovers, this is the right place to spend summer. Cabo San Lucas seems to be a pretty interesting place. Probably I’ll just switch my summer schedule with this one. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I absolutely adore Akumal, it’s just an over an hour drive from Cancun. I love its white sandy beaches, sun.It’s true that the place gives you a feeling that you’re in paradise. Would vacation there again next summer.

  9. Kauai’s north shore continues to be the #1 luxury spot for sumptuous shoreline accommodations and plush vacations in Hawaii! We are loaded to the gills with Hollywood elite, families on yearly vacation and world travelers flocking to our gorgeous island. There is a beautiful array of private homes for rent from end of the road Haena, bayside Hanalei, Anini beach and private Moloa’a. Depending on specifics, homes such as an old fashion refurbished fishing cottages snuggled right off the high tide zone, to 6 acre private seaside estate are available. I always recommend searching for what best suits your style of privacy and needs…anything from a traditional lomilomi massage before sunset to private chef and personal local guide are perfect to fulfill your every wish. Creative local leisure is embraced…

  10. I went to Cabo 2 years ago. That was an amazing adventure for me and my husband. We stayed in a villa. The service and the facilities were good. Cabo and Cancun are the most lovely places that I know around the world. Thanks for share this article reminds me about it.

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