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Necker Island hosts 2011 BVI Kite Jam

Necker Island is one of those places you dream of visiting, but only if you can afford the price tag. The white sand beaches, uninterrupted views of the surrounding islands, the impeccable staff (which out numbers the island guest limit 2:1) is what brings the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Owen Wilson, Mel Gibson, and Mariah Carey. These celebrities often opt to rent out the whole island to ensure privacy and this can run up to $54,000 a night. Owned by Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin America and a line of 7 luxury resorts, Necker Island is known as one of the most exclusive beach destinations in the world. A vacation at Necker Island leaves nothing to be desired as the world-class accommodations include 74 acres of private island and is surrounded by crystal waters with 14 private beaches, a full gym and spa services. The coral reefs found around the British Virgin Islands provide fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving and even some unique water sports! And Necker Island will play host to the 2011 BVI Kite Jam starting 26th February 2011. Top kite surfers from all over the globe will meet at Necker Island for races and other events sponsored by Virgin and the British Islands Tourism Board. Branson is offering a promotion for an all-inclusive week on the island during the celebration from a mere $25,400/couple and includes an invite to exclusive BVI kite parties. This ultimate luxury destination should be part of your ‘must-do’ list as almost nothing in the world can compare to Necker Island. Nicole Henderson is a compulsive traveller and writer for the Milwaukee Beach Examiner. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Um can’t afford the price tag… looks like I’ll be watching the kite surfers at sunny Hunstanton instead!

  2. Emily,

    Thanks for the post! I can’t afford the price tag either! But it is a really cool event if you’re able to make it. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ExplorePangea and check out my articles on the National Examiner.

  3. They’re great Nicole, was interesting to see about the other side of Costa Rica – you don’t need a penthouse to be happy do you! Also liked your article on travelling in a group – was chatting with my girl friends the other day and we were all saying travelling together can be the hardest thing friends ever do – much harder than living together!

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