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Travel like a celeb – just leave the Hawaiian shirt at home

Even though most of us will never be ridiculously rich, we can travel and live like famous celebs with just a few tricks and tips. You don’t need to break the bank to rub elbows with the rich and mighty, just get rid of the Hawaiian shirt and other giveaways and get ready to live like kings. Designer goods The days of standing on the other side of the glass from designer bags and other couture items are over. Now you can wipe the drool from your chin and instead belly-up to the keyboard. Online companies like Bag, Borrow or Steal offer designer and couture items for a monthly fee. The only catch is that you have to return them at the end of the month. In the meantime though, you can dress to impress. Private chefs Private chefs are a luxury that only the uber rich can afford to have full time, but even modest budgets can afford to have a professional private chef cook for a dinner party. Fees vary, but for your buck you’ll get a chef to do the menu planning, shopping, cooking, serving and cleanup. Having a chef cook for your next dinner party will impress everybody and have them thinking you live like a star. Vacations Vacation rental services allow you the chance to travel like the ultra rich. Celebs and stars rent luxury villas and homes for maximum privacy when they travel, and you can too. In the off season, many of these homes become quite affordable, and if you split the costs between a group of people you can vacation in the same home as Madonna or Shaq. Besides, hotels have a lot of grossness and bad juju associated with them. Celebrity grooming Haircuts, manicures, pedicures and other grooming done at high-end salons and spas can easily run into hundreds of dollars. The trick is to sign up as a model for aspiring stylists. You’ll be in the hands of a student but under the direct supervision of an experienced stylist or technician. This way you can get top dollar treatments for very low cost. Designer clothes for less The trick to dressing like the rich without paying top dollar is to pay attention and be diligent. Bargain sites like Overstock, Amazon, BlueFly and others will sell designer labels at greatly reduced prices. You may not get the exact color you wanted, but with prices at least 50 percent cheaper, do you really care? The best deals go fast, so the best strategy is to browse often and jump on a deal when you see it. Even though you may be slaving away at your 9 to 5, you can look, dress and travel like the rich. These few simple tricks will help you get some of the perks that are available only to those with fat wallets, and you won’t have to tell a soul your secret as you show up to work with a new designer handbag each month or when you jet off to some exotic island on your vacation. Jennifer Williams is a freelance travel writer and author of All Over Tech. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. A neighbour hired a chef for a party last year, it really made a huge difference. The host could enjoy the evening as he wasn’t in and out the kitchen preparing and serving food. Great tips.

  2. Who wouldn’t want to travel and vacation like the rich? You have given great tips how to do it like the rich but is it really worth the effort? Why not just work hard, save enough money for a vacation and spend it like you want it to be. I am sure there are lovely getaways that are as enjoyable and beautiful as expensive private resorts and clubs that the famous enjoy. The only difference is and will work as an advantage to ordinary people is that the paparazzi won’t care if you run naked to the beach!

  3. Cool tips.. Living like celebs made easy.. Your trick in order to get a celeb haircut is funny but cool.. I also want to try that private chef thing.. Again, cool tips..! Thanks!

  4. Finally, I can make my dream come true. Well, maybe not the one where I become a celebrity. :) But at least I can experience how celebrities live their life. I’ll surely set aside a part of my earnings to make this come true. Thank you for sharing these tips. Maybe I’ll start with the grooming thing. :)

  5. I had the chance to rent for four nights a popular vacation rental villa in Moldova. The only challenge is off-seasons are the times when the waves are strong and you always have gusty winds. A good sunny day break would make your off-season vacation trip a very memorable one.

  6. Great post. As an alternative though, you can also travel as yourself. Aiming to travel like a celebrity may get you distracted from the adventure of going to different places, so if you want to minimize hassles and more preparations, you can always travel as yourself like you always do.

  7. I like the tip you have on designer clothes. I have learned to be an expert in bargaining during a trip in Boracay, Philippines. It’s my credo not to buy designer clothes at well known malls and department stores. Look for bargain bazaars.

  8. These tips are perfect for my cousin who wants to be a hollywood star wanna-be whenever we go out on family vacations. She’s a rabid Amazon shopper, and from what I’ve known, she does browse the site for designer outfits. I’d forward the link of this blog to her.

  9. I particularly like the part about having a personal Chef. Wouldn’t it be grand to eat gourmet meals every single day of your vacation.

  10. Great tips on how to live like luxury.

    Lol funny how you mention to leave the Hawaiian shirt at home… because we can always tell who the tourists are as they wear the brightest and most flamboyant aloha shirts no local would ever wear lol…

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