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5 luxury destinations where you can catch that perfect sunset

Although certainly a rather contentious subject, it is undoubted that everyone can appreciate the matchless beauty and colour of an unspoiled sunset. Similarly we all have our own favourite spots from which to warmly embrace the majesty of Earth’s astral ballet with the sun; sunsets are personal things, so whether it is from your kitchen window or the coast of California every one is special. Fond memories of days gone by are often typified with a single image and for me few reflections can resonate quite as powerfully as a picturesque sunset; the end to a beautiful day, the promise of a rebirth to come, or simply a moment to embrace the overwhelming command of nature. Where would our Hollywood heroes and heroines be without their sunsets, a moment for a stolen kiss or a dramatic farewell; the timelessness of an unspoiled sunset will be forever emblazoned into the human consciousness. Here are five luxury destinations where you can catch that perfect sunset. Sentosa Island, Singapore – For the ultimate juxtaposition between natural beauty and metropolitan bustle, Singapore’s Sentosa Island is a must. Sentosa is a popular tourist destination with beaches and varied attractions and just off its coast operates one of the busiest shipping lanes in South East Asia with several established oil refineries. Although this last disclosure may not immediately portray Sentosa as the ideal location to embrace the ephemeral splendour of a sunset, for a completely unique experience there is no place quite like it. Lurching just beyond the bay the tankers appear more like great metallic sea monsters than freight ships lending an almost surreal grandeur to the scene. Serengeti, Tanzania – A place synonymous with the beguiling power of nature and the cyclical drama of life in the wild, the Serengeti is often considered the ultimate safari destination. Whether you are embarking on a night-drive or simply looking out from the comfort of your lodge, sunsets on the Serengeti are humbling experiences. Watch as the sky burns with the most spectacular wash of crimsons, oranges and pinks, defiantly opposed by the black silhouettes of solitary acacia trees or the slow melodic gait of a herd of elephants. Milford Sound, New Zealand – Referred to by Rudyard Kipling as the Eighth Wonder of the World; Milford Sound is consistently ranked as one of the most beloved and celebrated tourist destinations in the world. The primordial drama of this landscape is truly breathtaking with expansive fjords stretching 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea. The sparkling clear waters, permanent waterfalls, towering rocky outcrops and resident pods of bottle nose dolphins makes this place a theatre of natural spectacle at anytime during the day, but particularly beautiful are the sunsets. As the piercing rays of light flicker through the grand peaks and reflect off the tranquil waters the Sound transforms into a kaleidoscope of colour and light. Cape Town, South Africa – A city of contrasts, Cape Town offers the perfect symmetry between cosmopolitan living and rugged wilderness. Perched on the Western Cape overlooking the expansive Indian Ocean, this is an exceptional place to watch the sunset; whether you experience it from aloft Table Mountain or from the V&A Waterfront the views are just as glorious. Similarly wonderful is Blouberg beach, nestled within Table Bay offering excellent views looking back towards the Mountain. North Malé Atoll, Maldives – A genuine island paradise, the Maldives is a name that is now so utterly intrinsic to tropical luxury and picture postcard beauty that it has almost become a cliché. It is very difficult to talk about the Maldives in terms of any individual region because the entire catalogue of individual islands, atolls and cays offer something so individually unique but simultaneously unmistakably Maldivian that it almost seems an incongruity to discuss them separately. Complete seclusion; cloudless skies; tranquil, azure waters and soft powdery sands, what more could a person ask for? With a profusion of fiery hues that would render even Monet’s Venetian waterways a picture of inadequate gloom the Maldives promises one of the most enchanting sunsets in the world. James Bell is a Director of Turquoise Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. milford sound is truely a beautiful place and well worth the trip, i have done the trip from queenstown several times and can recommend the bus journey there but the lite plane back, and you should definitely take a cruise on milford sound see the dolphins in the water and wonder at the beauty.

  2. Sentosa is the best place for me especially their Night Safari. I was able to feed a tiger and see them live.

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