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Bach’s Germany: Escorted Tour and Travel in Leipzig

Soft glimmers of light resting upon the gentle rock of yachts always remind me of our escorted wine cruise on Lake Cospuden in Leipzig, Germany.  Surprised?  Not me! I was surprised at first, though.  I didn’t know how amazing the glow of summer and autumn in Leipzig could be.  You see, my knowledge of Europe was quite baroque before I visited Germany for the first time.  Leipzig took my heart, body and spirit by storm, and transfixed my focus upon its history, culture and charms.  Although many of us might historically associate Leipzig with the works of Bach, Wagner, Mahler, philosophers and architects, Leipzig is also a bustling modern city of commerce, culture, art and leisure. The City of linden trees is the largest city in the State of Saxony, Germany, and was originally settled as a place of commerce around 1015 Anno Domini.  The city has grown into a modern hub of culture, history, education and commerce.  This is the place where Goethe fell in love!  Let it not be forgotten, though, that Leipzig is a place of great leisure amongst so much intellect and growth.  In fact, these forces play hand-in-hand in remarkable balance. The city parks are lovely places to stroll, picnic and float away on the hours of a soft blue and green afternoon.  The Clara Zetkin park or Auenwald floodplain forest are some of the best places for a healthy stroll through lush green and rushing water.  Upon strolling for hours, you might find yourself at the Grassi Museum, which stands with its doors open to those seeking ethnographic and applied art exhibits, as well as an interesting permanent exhibit on musical instruments.  Sports are abundant, as in many European cities.  In fact, the German Football (soccer) Association was founded in Leipzig in 1900.  One could have a peaceful stroll in the morning followed by a raucous soccer game in the afternoon!  On a weekend, it is not uncommon to charter a boat on Lake Cospuden for a cruise and wine tasting for a lovely afternoon and evening. Where else but Leipzig could inspire art, wisdom, poetry, philosophy and Bach?  Just a stroll upon its streets, laced with cobblestone, modern glass and Baroque sensitivities will give lift to old and new world tastes alike.  It also happens to be a hub of the Central European Railway.  This makes Leipzig an ideal place to see, even if you are on a tour visiting other European sites, or are planning to visit a place that can be a “jumping-off” point for other travel destinations. Carol Atkins is a Group Travel Leader with YMT Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carol Atkins

Carol Atkins has been traveling the globe for much of her life. She’s currently a travel director with YMT Vacations.

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  1. Apart from “art, wisdom, poetry, philosophy and Bach”, there’s also food! I went to Leipzig from Berlin one weekend for a Bach concert and also went on a food tour. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting a new city – it’s the best overview one can get!

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