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4 of the most indulgent winter activities in Chamonix

Every winter tourists flock to Chamonix’s freshly powdered slopes. With an impressive backdrop of Mont Blanc’s towering peak and an abundance of snow-coated slopes, it is little wonder that this Chamonix stands as the queen of the Alps and a snow-dome mecca for skiing fanatics. However, this winter wonderland has a lot more to offer than just straight-forward skiing. With a diverse range of more sedentary activities on offer, there is plenty to keep luxury-lovers on their toes. Here are just a few of Chamonix’s most indulgent winter activities: Dog Sledding Gaining momentum as one of the most popular winter sports, dog sledding is an elegant alternative to skiing in Chamonix. Led by expert mushers, trained huskies will guide you through the flat expanses of snow allowing you to take in the breath-taking glacial scenery at a pace that won’t leave you with a muscle-aching exhaustion. Huddled under a cosy blanket and listening to the soft sounds of the snow crunching beneath the sled, what could be a more pleasant way to explore the Alps? Haskydalen and the Boreal Traineau Aventure are among the best places to enjoy this sedentary sport in Chamonix. Ice Skating With three notable ice skating rinks, Chamonix is the perfect place for snow queens (or kings as the case may be) to indulge in their favourite activity. Nestled next to the Richard Bozon Sports Centre is Chamonix’s indoor ice rink. The stomping ground of the local ice hockey team Les Chamois, this rink is ideal for some leisurely daytime skating. At night, the two outdoor ice rinks in Vallorcine and Les Houches come to life with live music and shimmering lights for an evening of entertainment. Ski Joering For those who love skiing but find it a little too much like hard work, Ski Joering is an indulgent solution. Attached to a harnessed horse while on skis, this age-old tradition enables you to sit back and relax as your horse guides you through the assigned trails. Ski Joering Mont Blanc, based in Coupeau, is one of the best places to engage in this winter activity offering daily trips (except Wednesdays) to Les Bossons. Definitely worth the 45 euros spent for an hour and a half tour, Ski Joering is a unique and luxurious way to navigate Chamonix’s pistes. Helicopter Tours A helicopter tour is the cream of the crop in luxury and Chamonix’s Mont-Blanc Helicopters is among the best. Offering a bird’s eye panorama of Mont Blanc’s glistening peak with a pit-stop to indulge in some gastronomic delights, this opulent tour is the ultimate way to explore Chamonix’s glacial surroundings. Isabella Rose is a content writer for MyDestinationInfo.com. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Dog Sledding is possibly one of the most enjoyable activities I have ever done whilst on holiday. Some places do night time dog sledding too which I imagine would be magical!

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