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Honeymoon top picks

With the wedding season just around the corner travel agencies are choc-a-bloc with pre-hitched couples looking to make last minute adjustments and tweaks to finalise their wedding fantasies. Once the vows have been exchanged, the bouquets been thrown and some evanescent substance cheered and sipped, it’s time for the newlyweds real journey to take course; I’m not talking about a life time of married life, I’m referring more along the lines of the honeymoon. Honeymoons are the real highlight of wedded life (not raising the children) and in most cases the steeple point of a marriage due to the mesmerising experience of starry eyedly enthralled together by taking the most extravagant holidays you may ever get to experience. If you’re looking for paradise you’ll most certainly be swayed in the direction of the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean regions as they are both drenched in eternally warm sunshine, heart stoppingly beautiful landscapes, and uncompromised tranquillity which when all accounted for creates an absolute harmonious atmosphere. Caribbean top pick: St Lucia has been titled “Honeymooner Bliss” due to its outstanding beauty, minuscule size, and array of boutique resorts and luxurious hotels which fill in the gaps between the rocky veganacious mountainside’s which are world renowned for being flourished in vibrant fauna and swarmed in exotic animals such as parrots and parakeets.  St Lucia is undoubtedly the most prestigiously bountiful country in the Caribbean not only due to its fortunate position, but due to its outstanding adorned landscapes which the islanders have taken credit for as they’ve preserved their “little piece of heaven” rather than spoiling the scenery with half built buildings and derelict eyesores which unfortunately have became such a common sore in many of the Caribbean countries, due to this reason and many others, St Lucia has rightfully been crowned with the title for being the most idyllic location for honeymooners favouring the Caribbean. Indian Ocean top pick: The Indian Ocean is an emerging holiday region which has only recently (last 20 years) been noted for its unrivalled honeymoon experiences; although an exotic and tropical region similar to that of the Caribbean, the two regions cannot be compared as there’s huge fundamental differences between them both. The Caribbean offers a charismatic and vibrant charm where as the Indian Ocean prides itself, and even boast as a selling point that there’s no corner on the face of the earth where you can compromise the serenity and isolation that you’ll discover on a honeymoon to the Indian Ocean region. The Seychelles, also known as heaven on earth is certainly a glistening gem of unspoilt nature, compiled from a collection of islets located off the western coast of Africa, the set of islands couldn’t be more fortunately positioned aside of the tropics, they are not too close that they experience arid climates nor too far a field that they overlook the tropical climates… perfectly placed! Lush rainforests like those of Sri Lanka shroud the islands centres and peaks which softly roll down, eventually merging into palm fringed powder white beaches that are genteelly lapped with glistening blue waters and a ruptured atmospheres. Words seem so feeble when trying to comprehend the tropical brilliance the Seychelles beholds, which is why the decision to label it the top honeymoon position in the Indian Ocean was easily made. Peter Richards is a Digital Marketing Manager at Tropical Sky. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. St Lucia is rightly a top spot for honeymooners and also for those who want to vacation on a beautiful island with so much greenery.

  2. Indeed, the selection for honeymooners is becoming a real challenge with so many top locations around the world. Fortunately, sites like these enable a first distilling of location choices and resort selection, thereby,providing the honeymoon planning initial direction and expecation guidance.

  3. I agree completely, its where i wedded and honeymooned – there’s no place quite like it on earth and while it limits its tourist numbers and shies away from great big concrete blocks of hotels it will continue to be THE place to holiday for honeymooners.
    I’d also like to add i go now with my kids and its just as good.

  4. On the Caribbean side, I agree with St. Lucia being a honeymooners paradise and they have certainly niched themselves into that market over the years. However, we must mention other standouts such as Antigua, Jamaica, Barbados and Anguilla which are also popular destinations.

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