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Turkey’s forgotten natural sights

Turkey has become a popular tourist destination for Brits over the past few years. The location is only a few hours away by plane and usually offers hot, rain free summers. While many UK tourists have chosen to visit the country because of the Lira, there are many unusual locations on offer for tourists with a higher holiday budget. Cappadocia This amazing region in Central Anatolia is known for its soft volcanic landscape. The area has hot dry summers and is actually in located exactly in the centre of Turkey. There are many great pieces of architecture to view in the area including a hotel made into the soft volcanic rock. If you get the chance to visit, we would recommend a hot air balloon ride above the mountains. The bird’s eye view is amazing and we definitely encourage that you take a camera to capture the trip. Pamukkale Located in South West Turkey, Pamukkale (meaning cotton castle in English) is home to a selection of beautiful hot springs. The area has an amazing white and blue appearance created from the carbonate minerals left by the water. The hot springs are caused by an underground volcano which helps to push the water upwards. The area became a World Heritage Site at the end of the 20th Century to help preserve its unique appearance. Abant Lake The Natural Park is located in North West Anatolia and is a favourite excursion spot for both Turkish and foreign tourists. The area is famous for its huge lake that covers 1.28  sq km in the centre of the park. Tourists will be able to see a wide variety of different fauna and wildlife creatures in the area including; wild boars, fallow deer and brown bears. Sabina Shaida is Managing Director at Mosaic Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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