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Top 10 most luxurious stag destinations

Whether you want a calm and upscale stag holiday or a more rambunctious occasion where the drinks flow freely, you can find whatever you are looking for at some of the best stag destinations around the world. From Asia to Europe, there are countless attractions, bars, and nightclubs to entertain you, and provide you with great entertainment before the groom’s wedding day. Visit one of these top 10 destinations for a luxury stag holiday around the world. 1. Berlin This capital city of Germany makes a great destination for more than just the fantastic beer. The modern location and inexpensive prices mean you can live like a king, if only for the weekend. For a true luxury stag do, visit one of the many breweries Germany is famous for and take a private tasting tour. The nightlife doesn’t end at 1am, or 2, or even 3. Clubs are happy to stay open as late as you want, so don’t be surprised if the sun is up before you head back to your hotel. 2. Copenhagen This Danish city offers the high life for those who want something more unique and classy than a typical rowdy stag do. Bodegas, or cellar bars, line the streets and offer a refreshing change of pace from the pub. The women in Copenhagen are not used to an influx of visitors, so visitors stand out and make an impression here. Copenhagen is home to Carlsberg, so drinks will certainly not be a problem at this great destination. 3. Istanbul No other city in the world blends Western modernity with ancient culture quite like Istanbul. The hotels offers amazing amenities that make you feel like royalty, and are located among ancient ruins and incredible architecture. Drink with the locals and enjoy water pipes, and then head to the clubs where local beauties are happy to explain local culture to you. Recover in the morning with popular and inexpensive massages at the Turkish baths. 4. Moscow This makes for no ordinary stag party. Start the trip with incredible activities to make you feel like a man, including gun shooting and tank driving, no ordinary pastimes for a stag holiday. The nightlife is where Moscow really shines as the ultimate party location. Strip clubs and night clubs are countless in the city, and you will enjoy every second of your evening–at least the parts you can remember after all the vodka. 5. Munich This German city takes the cake for beer lovers. If you happen to have a stag party planned for October, there is really only one choice for destinations. Oktoberfest is easily the biggest party on earth, and is centered entirely around beer. What more could a stag ask for? Even if it’s not the right time of year, the city is home to beer gardens, buxom beer maidens, and plenty of university girls who make the nightclub scene so spectacular. 6. New York Become royalty in the city that never sleeps with a trendy stag party. Try sightseeing from a stretch limo or hummer, and drink champagne as you see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the impressive skyline. With no shortage of fine clubs or beautiful woman, this is a great destination for any group. And if you are traveling from abroad, those American women love a good accent… 7. Zagreb This Croatian city is quickly becoming a popular destination for a stag weekend abroad. It comes as no surprise, because the combination of inexpensive drinks, friendly locals, and beautiful women is an alluring one. Get VIP access to one of the great nightclubs in the city, and be prepared for a long night, as there are no closing times at any of the most popular clubs. 8. Dubai For the ultimate luxury destination, Dubai is the answer. Nothing can compete with this incredibly upscale and glamorous location, where VIP means more than just rope cordoning off your section of the club. Visit Ferrari World during the day, and then head to the bars and clubs where the wealthiest men and women in the world gather to unwind. Dance the night away in a club, or just sip fine liquor from one of the tallest buildings in the world. 9. Las Vegas For a high roller, no other city is more alluring than the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas.Whether you want to risk it all at the poker tables, or just sip drinks by the pool and take in the beauties tanning, this destination has it all. Drinks are free while you are on the gambling floor, which just means you have more to spend in the incredible nightclubs found in the hotels along the Strip. 10. Bangkok This exotic Asian city offers everything you could want from a stag party destination; Warm weather, beautiful and friendly women, inexpensive drinks and accommodations, and a nightlife scene that puts others to shame. For a taste of the Orient, head to Bangkok for a special stag holiday. Ian Lucas is Managing Director at Red Seven Leisure. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Very good article, thoroughly enjoyed reading it- but one little thing, Ferrari World is in Abu Dhabi, not Dubai :)

  2. Octoberfest in Munich actually takes place in September. Be sure and make sure of the dates so you don’t get there after everyone has gone home!

  3. Dubai and Istanbul are two interesting spots which still remain on my to travel list. Munich is very lovely, especially during the Octoberfest. However I don’t understand what Bangkok has to look for on this list.

  4. A stag season starts here in Zagreb. Girls came back from their vacations, 2 festivals like Oktoberfest, but much smaller, will start by the end of September, etc. Party is guaranteed!

  5. Great list! I was on my cousins stag party few weeks ago in Poland and I was really pleasantly surprised with how awesome it was there! It took place in Warsaw and we had an amazing time. I would never think that I would like a party in Warsaw, but honestly it was one of the best parties I have ever been to!

  6. Warsaw is an underestimated party destination. But I see people are awaking:) and starting to visit Poland. If you’re looking for the greatest gentleman place – I recommend you one place I’ve been to last year, New Orleans. You have to see their dancers… wow. Their pole dance skills are very impressive, I still have those moves in my head:)

  7. Red Seven Leisure has ceased trading and is now in administration.
    For alternative stag weekend ideas you have the following companies in order of first established:
    Freedom 1998
    Last Night of Freedom 1999
    Chillisauce 2000
    Stagweb 2002
    The Stag Company 2003

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