Pampered pets on private jets

If you’re someone who travels by private jet, you may or may not be aware of the perk of being able to bring along pet family members with you. And now you can make sure your pet is just as safe as you are and pampered every bit as much as you are. Sit’n Stay Global provides corporate flight attendants who are safety trained not only for all of the usual human situations that might arise on a flight, but they also in their proprietary Pet Safety Protocols that consider everything from turbulence to bracing positions and evacuation procedures on land or in water. They carry pet oxygen masks, pet seat restraints and pet flotation devices with them on every flight. In addition, each flight attendant is trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. They took on these safety measures after learning of an accident where the passengers survived but the dog died on impact when he flew through the cabin and hit the bulkhead. That simply was not acceptable to the folks at Sit’n Stay. The pampering isn’t limited to amazing meals catered in-flight that rival the human meals in elegance and presentation. These flight attendants often stay on at destination as pet nannies, allowing busy travellers to bring their pets even though they have work or a busy touring schedule planned. They come equipped with the latest apps to point them to the local dog parks, hiking trails and beaches that are pet friendly, cafés and shops where they can shop together and local dog activities.

Paul Johnson

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