Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Well, we’re getting to that time of year. It’s early November, but you wouldn’t know it. The department stores are already teeming with Christmas gifts. Our shops are desperate for us to buy into the whole festive experience earlier than ever. I say ‘I’m not falling for it’, but I’ve already bought two presents, although they were in the sale so I think that exonerates me a little bit! We were talking the other day about getting away for some much needed winter sun, but the idea of going away over Christmas itself is something that appeals strongly to many people. Sometimes, all of the commercialism can be too much like overkill which is why I sympathise with those who just want to leave the UK behind and head abroad for the Christmas break. It’s not something that will suit everyone, but to me lying in the sunshine and sipping a cocktail sounds like a nice departure from slaving over a turkey that isn’t cooking quickly enough because the gas pressure has tailed off with everyone using their ovens at the same time. I guess it’s about the mindset as much as anything else. Christmas comes around once a year only, and people’s reticence might arise from not wanting to ‘miss out’ on traditions that have become inherent to the whole Christmas experience. But guess what, you can always buy a box of mince pies and wear silly paper hats when you return after your holidays! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and the coming together of families – but the idea of escaping whilst the rest of the country goes Christmas bonkers also sounds pretty good. Does Christmas always have to go hand in hand with being huddled around the fire? Well, it doesn’t for other countries so why not sample it from their perspective?! I guess if you do go away over Christmas it might be best to not attempt to recreate the traditional Christmas day, but just go with the flow and celebrate in a different way… paella and San Miguel anyone? It’s important to remember other cultures over the festive period as well. Middle East resorts like Dubai do not celebrate Christmas principally because they are Muslim countries, but this doesn’t mean they don’t recognise its importance to their hotel guests. That’s why events such as gala dinners and extravaganzas are organised to coincide with the Christian calendar, meaning you can still celebrate on the same days you would back at home. Whatever you decide to do over the festive period, make sure you have a Happy… no, sorry it’s only just November, I just can’t bring myself to say it! Carole Booth is Commercial Director at Destinology. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carole Booth

I am the Commerical Director at the multi award winning luxury tour operator Destinology.

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