Luxury sailing- SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club consists of a brace of near identical sister ships. Small, low slung and superbly styled, they are quite simply the Lamborghinis of the cruise industry. Each yacht accommodates a maximum of ninety guests, served by a crew of the same number. This creates the only true one to one service ratio in the entire cruise industry, and the result is a pair of indolent idylls where everything runs with the symphonic precision of a Swiss watch. That alone is reason enough to consider SeaDream, yet they are merely the introductory drum rolls for a style of travel that is so rich, rare and compelling that you find yourself drawn helplessly back, time and time again. Both yachts operate on an all inclusive basis, from the first glass of Champagne handed to you as you cross the red carpeted gangway, to the very last minute of your voyage. The yachts are floating dream worlds, with only the most tenuous connection to reality. Where else can you enjoy lamb chops and champagne for breakfast as your yacht settles into the bay of Saint Barts at sunrise, or enjoy canapés and a late night disco around the pool against the magnificent backdrop of such yacht studded Mediterranean hot spots such as Saint Tropez and Portofino. And many of these ports feature overnight stays, making them even more alluring. For the active or simply curious, each yacht carries its own jet skis, sail boats and kayaks for frolicking in the sparkling, sun kissed waters of the Caribbean or the Med. There is no extra charge for their use. But perhaps the most sumptuous thing about SeaDream is the sheer ease and sense of freedom about being on board. There are no formal dress requirements, with smart casual attire the norm at all times. Dinner is always open sitting; when you want, with who you want. And, because of that extraordinary one to one staff ratio, SeaDream really can claim to produce food that truly is gourmet. SeaDream is intimate, stylish and fun. It is the difference between hype and style and, after a while, it becomes not so much a holiday as a way of life. Sleep out on deck in a covered Balinese sunbed? Of course. Champagne in the surf at Virgin Gorda? That too, if you want. SeaDream is a million miles away from the normal. Mediocre is not a word that exists in its mentality. For that, and a million other subtle little treats, any day is a good day for a SeaDream. Robin Maclear is Managing Director at The Cruise Line. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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