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Luxury in Las Vegas – a stay at the Aria Resort & Casino

The Las Vegas strip, the home of glitz and glamour where by all accounts there should be none. A testament to the ostentatious pioneers and entrepreneur who have made Las Vegas from desert to become one of the most bright and bold holiday destinations around. Because of the reputation there is a chance you already know what to expect when staying on the strip, so really it is best to ensure your accommodation is up to the task first. Aria Resort & Casino dominates the skyline of Las Vegas, laying claim to as it does, the highest towers – and overall largest structure within the CityCentre. Its impressive appearance is accented by more than just its size, the twin curved towers conjoined in the centre produce two swooping walls of glass, the focal point or “Aria” of Las Vegas. In a city where size is everything and next resort and complex all promise the biggest, best, newest, loudest or most extravagant, Aria Resort lays claim equally to such boastful attributes. Whilst never the biggest of hotels in terms of rooms (although still ranked 11th largest in the world), it is the largest building with LEED gold certificate and is thought of as one of the most technologically advanced hotels ever built. The architecture of Aria is one of the most stunning features, whilst startlingly absent is any one theme or obvious unifying visual reference customary in Las Vegas. Instead a contemporary, state-of-the-art décor has been adopting, drawing off unique and unconventional materials to create an arresting visual style for all those who enter. Your accommodation is a choice from one of the Aria’s 4,004 guest rooms or 568 luxury suites. Seamless continuations of style and class observed from the three-story lobby and striking décor onwards. The suites all benefit from integrated technology that actively control the environment of the room when you are in or out, giving you the most comfortable ambiance without having to lift a finger as well as contributing to it’s world-beating carbon efficiency that earned it the LEED gold certificate. The main draw to the suites is in their name, “Sky Suites”. Located atop the mighty towers, each of them over-looks out across Las Vegas and Nevada beyond. The Sky Suites were made to redefine luxury accommodation on the strip and it after completion it didn’t just redefine, it surpassed expectations. The largest of the suites covers an area of 7,000 square feet in size, and is referred to as a villas in the sky, a private estate if you will. Once you’ve arrived at the Aria, there will certainly have to be something pretty special to draw you away from it’s luxurious rooms, 16 restaurants, 10 nightclubs and bars and 150,000 square foot of buzzing casino. To top this off there the Aria’s spectacular palm tree lined pool, salon, spa and 1,800 seat theatre, which Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis find its home. What more can be said about the Aria without sounding like more over-enthusiastic hyperbole? Without wishing to fall to another cliché, the whole experience really must be seen to be believed, unbridled grandeur on this scale evades so many in the day-to-day only can justice be done to its vision when seen in the flesh. Las Vegas plays host to the flash, the ostentatious and the oft-considered tacky, but for an experience which exudes class, taste and charm on everyone of its 61 floors, you really should try the Aria Resort & Casino. Jared Morgan is Head of Communications at Booked.net. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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