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Fine dining in Gran Canaria

When going on holiday on Gran Canaria you’re going to expect the best of the best. The super red status of the resort all year around means that you have the most glorious weather and the premier beaches which were imported especially – yes you read that right, sand from the Sahara and Coral from the Caribbean have been brought in you make your stay all the better.  There is nothing better to accompany the perfect beach holiday than the best dining you’ll find on the Canary Islands, so here for your convenience are some of the best restaurants Gran Canaria has to offer. Casa Montesdeoca Described as the “highlight of the Vegueta”, the Casa Montesdeoca is the very epitome of tranquillity itself. It is located within a small courtyard, lined with palm trees that gently rustle in the breeze. Off the courtyard patio there is also an exquisitely decorated bar with an array of drinks, and three other dining rooms to take food in. You might wonder why you would consider eating indoors when the courtyard is so grand? Well the building the Casa Montesdeoca calls home was a 16th Century merchant palace before it was a restaurant, and much of restaurant’s history can be felt though the wonderful paintings and architecture when you dine there, making the experience all the better. The fine food and drink is served by the restaurants friendly, English speaking staff, the gentleman behind the bar was especially knowledgeable about the wine too, a wonderful addition to the dining experience! La Aquarela For those who want nothing more than real haute cuisine, La Aquarela is without a doubt the finest Gran Canaria can offer. What’s more, if you’ve chosen to stay at one of the Anfi resorts in Anfi Del Mar, you are only but a few moments away – perfect for those who choose to indulge perhaps a little too much on the impeccable selection of wines available. The delectable menu ties in wonderfully with the stunning décor and full service they provide. If you want to ensure that you are able to enjoy the other restaurants in the area, best off visiting La Aquarela last because it really doesn’t get any better than this. El Salsete Highly regarded as providing an exemplary example of locale food, El Salsete is located in the midst of the more tourist centric bars and restaurants of Maspalomas. Stocking many a local wine and serving fish from the area, it is well worth deviating from the set menu to sample some of the daily specialties. These of course vary from the time of the year, but you are guaranteed seasonal delights, all presented in spectacular form. A hidden gem within Maspalomas, El Salsete is a delightful blend local charm and excellent food; it is well worth searching out if you long for more than the typical tourist trappings which can be found on the south side of Gran Canaria. Peter Lydford is Director at Travel & Leisure Group. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Wow, thats a really good choice of restaurants!

    But if you don´t want to leave your hotel for a delicious meal, try our a la carte restaurant Camaleón!

    Sunny greetings from Gran Canaria :-)

    Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa

  2. Nice selection! From personal experience I can also recommend the Allende restaurants in Las Palmas.

  3. Fantastic selection, Congratulations. For me, La aquarela in Anfi del Mar is the best restaurant of the island. Regards from Gran Canaria.

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