4 top tips for the perfect babymoon vacation

If we needed another excuse to get away from it all and take a relaxing break then here it is – the baby moon! Take one couple and one ‘soon to be born’ baby and you have the recipe for a holiday. Aimed at allowing couples to enjoy their final moments together before their life changes beyond all recognition, the babymoon is big business. With the ultimate aim of relaxation we’d opt for a small, private retreat. Here are our tips for planning a successful baby moon. Pick the perfect destination Not too far away but not too close to home, not too much sightseeing but enough to keep you interested, think about the shared interests you have (aside from the growing bump) and ensure your break away includes elements of these but isn’t too strenuous. Once the little one has arrived boarding a plane will never quite be the same, filled with more nervousness than excitement so a short trip to discover the countryside in Italy or France may be the perfect distance to get away from it all. Plenty of indulgence This is the last time you’ll truly get to be completely self-indulgent without feeling guilty so make sure wherever you’re staying can cater for your every need. Many villas include spa facilities or spa rooms allowing you to enjoy a spa day with professional treatments in the comfort of your own villa. For the ultimate indulgence finish the day with your favourite meal cooked at your holiday home by a private chef. Whilst indulging in food why not opt for a day spent chocolate making rather than a vineyard tour so you can both enjoy the rewards? Pick the right property and the right time to go Opt for a villa which is closer to town or to the beach (whichever you prefer) to avoid long, hot walks. Good deals can be found on villas slightly out of season and opting for a later departure i.e. September or October will ensure the heated pool (which has enjoyed much heating throughout the summer) will still be a pleasant temperature. Take advantage of travelling when the adults do. All too soon you’ll be trying to find the best deals in school holiday peak travel times which will be more expensive. Ditch the technology Once you arrive it’s about you two, relaxation and sharing those blissful moments as a couple that will soon be all too brief. The last thing you want is the mother in law calling to discuss swollen ankles or texts from supportive friends reminding you that you’ve not many sleep-filled nights left, so turn off the Blackberry and immerse yourself in a good book whilst you relax by your private pool! The only question now is which book to take… Claire Powell is Digital Marketing Manager at Abercrombie & Kent. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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