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Top 10 places for a South Pacific honeymoon

When you’re heading to the South Pacific for your luxury honeymoon there is a dizzying array of choices, but lets face it as much as you’d like to visit them all most honeymoons are generally for 2 or 3 weeks so you’ll need to do some trimming. The key destinations are New Zealand and Australia along with the many South Pacific tropical Islands including Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands among quite a few others. The two largest destinations, Australia and New Zealand can easily take a month to tour extensively so some highlights need to be selected. Below we have included our current top 10 along with the best of the tropical destinations which is the perfect place to finish your honeymoon. Queenstown Originally named ‘Canvas Town’ it was renamed Queenstown by the gold miners beacause it was said to be ‘fit for a Queen’. This dual season destination is the place for skiing in NZ and you’ll be equally in your element here in the summer months with its often 30c micro climate, spectacular scenery and impressive mountains, lakes and rivers. Endless outdoor activities are available along with shopping, sophisticated dining and numerous bars. Queenstown is not only fit for a queen its our number 1 pick for honeymooners in New Zealand. Waiheke Island Located only 35 mins by ferry from downtown Auckland City (New Zealand’s Largest city) Waiheke Island is a bohemian village packed with white sandy beaches, Mediterranean style vineyards, luxury accommodation and friendly locals. Its rare to find an oasis of this type so close to a large metropolitan city. Waiheke presents itself as an ideal mix of beach, town and country which is an unusual combination but why we like it so much. Hawkes Bay Further afield but still in the North Island the Hawkes Bay region is famous for its wine country and synergistic terrain. It also offers a micro climate which tends to sit above the norms for the North Island making the summer weather here dry and warm. If you like the country side, world class vineyards, farmers markets and cuisine the Hawkes Bay is the place for you. A tip is to travel here when the annual Hawkes Bay wine festival is on. Its always entertaining and a lot of fun. Sydney We needn’t say much about this internationally renowned city other than Sydney is really all its cracked up to be. A city of contrasts – lots of people, great shopping and dining and also fantastic beaches! If you’re looking to step out with your partner then this destination would be our number 1 pick. Lots of energy and sophistication, all that glitters is gold in this case. Byron Bay Just below the Surfer Paradise on the Gold Coast lies a chic little town that’s our pick of the coast. Beautiful swimming beaches, great waves a nice relaxed feel to the town. The weekly farmers market here is worth a visit along with its many restaurants. Its also popular as a yoga retreat and home to quite a few music festivals. Kangaroo Island This gem of an island off the coast of South Australia is accessed via Adelaide. You wont want to leave after arriving here especially if you’re staying at Southern Ocean lodge one of the best luxury accommodation choices on the Island. With its endless white sand beaches, large nature reserves packed with wildlife, tiny population and Idyllic scenery Kangaroo Island is well worth a visit. Great Barrier Reef Much has been written about this celebrated destination aptly named one of the seven wonders of the world. With picturesque tropical islands strewn over its entire length where to go becomes the hardest part! Around the Cairns and Whitsunday Island region would be our pick and some of the best resorts in the world are located on this part of the reef. Bora Bora There is something magical about Bora Bora, just the mention of the name sends some honeymooners into raptures! The hype is real and you only have to look at some images to affirm that. Clear blue waters and a tropical climate combined with stunning resorts and a touch of french make this a truly romantic destination. Aitutaki Lesser known but none the less beautiful Aitutaki is the pick of the Cook Islands. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been here before when you arrive, just take a look at the satellite image, it doesn’t even look real almost like one of those mythical hidden islands you read about! Well it is real and Small Luxury Hotels of The World (SLH) have an excellent resort there so we suggest you start packing. Lomaiviti Islands To round out our top 10 we’re back in the tropical belt but in Fiji this time. Fiji had a large choice or areas and resorts many of which are excellent – a difficult choice here but the Lomaiviti group gets our tick if you had to choose one. Tony Townley is Owner of Luxury Adventures. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I recently stayed at Bora Bora in Sour Seasons. Best holiday we ever had. Looking to go back next year.

  2. I’ve heard about Bora Bora as a perfect honeymoon destination. A lot of people says the place is really great and the beach is very pristine with a perfect tropical climate. I love beach, so I’d love to go there even if it’s not for honeymoon.

  3. Congratulations for this article.

    I would really apreciatte if you can write another for Honeymoon places in Western Australia.

    There’s a lot of great places in this part of Australia too.

  4. Waiheke Island is a great place to holiday or honeymoon! 35 mins via ferry from downtown Auckland and packed with beautiful beaches, stunning accommodation and excellent wineries. Definitely worth 2 or 3 days as part of a larger NZ itinerary.

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