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Chaa Creek: beautiful, accessible Belizean nature

Chaa Creek is a well-known commodity in Belizean tourism, due to their dedication to sustainable tourism. They’ve received recognition from Green Globe, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, Travel & Leisure, and many more respectable institutions. Last year, Chaa Creek was awarded the Hotel of the Year award from the Belize Tourism Board. Chaa Creek gets its name from a tributary of the Macal river. The property rests on 365 acres of land, with the main site of the cottages allowing for easy access to explore the different aspects either with the trained staff or at your leisure. Guests can get a free guided Rainforest Medicine Trail Tour to learn about the traditional uses of native plants. Other free amenities for guests include: canoeing, an early morning bird walk, and guided tours of the on-site Natural History Centre and Butterfly Farm. Many resorts in the region can boast about their proximity to nature, as the jungle surrounds so much of the Cayo District. Not all of them offer the standard of service and the options that Chaa Creek does. The food was exceptional, with the coconut bread being delicious enough that I was delighted to know the recipe is available online. My room also provided me with my first outdoor shower experience. Before I saw it, I was confused about the concept, but the rock wall outside of my room was easy to understand. Being able to shower outside allows for less separation from nature, rounding out the experience. I was impressed by all of my guides, especially Meschak, who I was with for the creatures of the night walk, the morning bird walk, and the medicinal trail experience. His passion and knowledge were far beyond the usual level found in an included tour. Despite not having been on a horse in 15 or so years, my guide on the ranch made sure my experience was comfortable and safe. I was also amused that he was such the standard image cowboy, even while 100% Belizean. When I was there last year, Wi-Fi access in my room was hard to come by, but it worked well in the business center and I was told that it was something that was going to be worked on. For such a limited amount of time, I was amazed at how much Chaa Creek was able to provide for me. I don’t really consider myself a nature person, rather someone who likes varied new experiences. Chaa Creek provided that for me. And if they can make a believer out of a city lover like me, I can only imagine how much the true ecophile could gain from a stay. Roni Weiss is Author of roniweiss.com. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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