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Glamping shows its alternative side

Luxury camping is not just about safari tents, yurts and tree houses.  While these types of accommodations are unique in their own rights there is an otherworldly side of glamping that many travelers have never seen before and could possibly never imagine. The most intriguing thing about glamping is that sites can be built practically anywhere, and many glamping site owners are using that to their advantage.  They are inventing entirely new genres of alternative lodging that are meant to take energy from their surroundings, to melt into the landscape, or conform to the particular characteristics of the land.  Or, in some cases, they are meant to stand out and simply provide one-of-a-kind spaces that surprise and amaze. Here are some quirky sites that we would like to share some that are truly exceptional. EcoCamp, Patagonia, Chile If you are not sure what a geodesic dome is, you need to take a look at EcoCamp.  A geodesic dome is a clever composition of wood, iron, steel that results in an almost alien-like domed structure. At EcoCamp, however, these strange shelters surprisingly do not look out of place in their natural environment.  They look completely at home in the rugged, Patagonian wilderness.  Inside the dome it is warm and welcoming, with locally crafted furniture and decorations, and glass ceilings that provide stunning views of the night sky.  Community domes house a dining area, a bar, and even a library, and a large deck provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy the views of the surrounding Torres del Paine National Park. Tubhotel, Tepoztlan, Mexico Talk about unusual. Whoever thought vacationing in a tube of concrete would be in demand!  Tubhotel has amazed us all with this unlikely but wonderful accommodation.  Massive concrete tubes, stacked in triangles, have been transformed into cool, modern hotel rooms and plopped into the wilderness near the village of Tepotzlan, Morelos in Mexico. There are 20 rooms in all, furnished with queen-sized beds, lighting and crafty, under-bed storage, all surrounding a beautiful communal pool. Hyatt Hotel Terrace, New York City, NY Not all glamping sites are located out in the wild.  The natural surroundings of this particular site are more steel, glass and cement, than trees, lakes and mountains.  How would you like to spend the night on the rooftop of the Hyatt at 48th and Lexingon in Mahnattan, New York!  For most buildings in New York City, outdoor space is limited, and it is no different for the Hyatt.  A small terrace is the bedroom of this urban glamping site, and the splendid city lights are the backdrop.  You can feel the heartbeat of New York rise to your lofty perch and enjoy all of the luxury amenities of a bustling downtown hotel. Eco Hotel Endémico Resguardo Silvestre, Baja, Mexico High in the rocky hills near Ensenada, Mexico, a small collection of cunningly designed cabins sit overlooking Mexico’s budding wine region.  They are not built into the hillside itself, but they have been crafted to compliment their surroundings so that you won’t be able to imagine that they belong anywhere else.  Each of the 20 cubes is furnished in modern luxury with a king sized bed (or two doubles), washrooms, air conditioning, and views…oh the views!  Watch the sun set over the valley from your private terrace complete with chiminea for warmth and a bit of romance. From urban nests, to concrete conduit.  From hillside boxes to geometric domes.  Luxury camping continues to break the mold.  Glamping site owners are constantly finding new ways to surprise travellers and new ways to take advantage of the landscapes that surround us. Abby Jeffords is Chief Editor of Glamping Hub. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. This is ‘experiencing’ the environment without the issues of camping or slumming it.

    One is no longer cocooned from ones environment, one is part of it.

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