A bonus journey through authentic Cypriot village life

Authenticity is something that is often lacking in modern tourist destinations nowadays. However, away from the tourist areas, the Larnaka countryside offers the chance to experience the genuine culture. Similar to the old Cypriot way of life, when foreign guests were welcomed on a complimentary basis, this winter the Larnaka Tourism Board if offering tourists the opportunity to experience traditional villages… for free!

OK, so maybe the donkey is not the main mode of transport today nor are the men wearing the traditional breeches, but all the rest is basically the same; the stone-built houses, the Cypriot food, the vineyards, the women lacing outside their doorsteps and, most importantly, the genuine hospitality of the people.

Starting with a visit to the picturesque village of Lefkara, guests will be welcomed with a shot of the strong “Zivania” beverage and a treat of “sykopitta” (traditional fig pie). A guided tour of the local attractions captures the spirit and rich history of the village through the narrow streets. At the next stop of Tochni with the breathtaking natural views, visitors will be serenaded with the sounds of live bouzouki and rosewater hand-wash. A tour of this pretty village with its old stone architecture will follow and then guests will take part in a traditional cooking session that recreates the authentic flavours of the island.

These excursions are held every Saturday from now until March 2013 and the offer applies to tourists staying in Larnaka’s hotels during this period.

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