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The 5 most decadent cruise ships in the world

If you’re looking for a luxury getaway, it’s no secret that a cruise is many a traveller’s top choice. With a wealth of decadent facilities on-board most cruise liners, and five-star service as standard, cruising really can unlock a new world. Whether you’re completely new to cruises, or you’ve sailed the Seven Seas, this guide to the top 5 most decadent cruise ships (in no particular order) is sure to whet your appetite for your next luxury holiday. Cruise liners can range from huge vessels of the sea to smaller, more intimate yachts. So no matter what your definition of extravagance, we’re sure you’ll find something in this guide to match your needs. Silversea’s Silver Cloud If it’s indulgence you’re after, look no further than the Silver Cloud. Five-star service, the finest gourmet food and open bars provide for an unforgettable nautical experience. Elegant interiors, personable cabin crew and luxurious staterooms are amongst this liner’s highlights. Travel to some of the most exotic destinations across the world in the most relaxed manner possible, sipping fine wines and enjoying excellent entertainment on the way.
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Decadent factor: The on-board Connoisseur’s Corner – with a range of cognacs on offer along with a range of premium cigars. Decadence rating: 7/10 Paul Gauguin Cruises’ Paul Gauguin Cruising in French Polynesia and the South Pacific has never been so relaxing. Whether you fancy trying snorkelling or perhaps windsurfing, the liner can accommodate your adventurous side with its retractable water sports platform. If you’d prefer something a little less adrenaline-fuelled though, day trips to beautiful private beaches in Motu Mahana and Bora Bora might be more geared towards your taste. The most impressive thing about this ship, aside from its food and amenities, is its on-board art. The interior was designed for French Polynesia so the decor reflects that.
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Decadent factor: State-of-the-art retractable watersports marina. Decadence rating: 7/10 Hebridean Island Cruises’ Hebridean Princess A cruise liner used by the Queen. What more could you ask for in terms of luxury? After celebrating her 80th birthday on-board several years earlier, Her Majesty booked the liner again in 2010. With a passenger capacity of just 49 (with 38 crewmembers), you can imagine the level of service you would receive aboard this liner. Prices won’t be cheap, but memories will last forever.
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Decadent factor: Inglenook fireplace in the Tiree Lounge, and the fact that the Queen has booked this liner privately. Decadence rating: 8/10 The Carnival Magic With an on-board spa, steakhouse and theatre, the Carnival Magic is sure to tick the boxes of many luxury travellers. Cruising to destinations in the Caribbean, your time on board will breeze by. Featuring a wide-range of activities for all those on-board, the Magic is a unique vessel with a huge capacity for 3,690 passengers. Wow!
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Decadent factor: The world’s first ‘ropes course’ at sea, and the fact you can relax in the spa while your children are taken care of by on-board entertainment staff. Decadence rating: 6/10 Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas Not only will you sail your way to some of the most exotic places in the world, but you can do so in ultimate comfort. With on-board staterooms likened to loft apartments in New York and a menu developed by top chef Michal Schwartz, The Oasis of the Seas offers the ultimate in modern luxury. If you still like that ‘feel of home’ while you’re away, though, the ship even has an on-board Starbucks!
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Decadent factor: On-board Boardwalk® and Central Park gardens (you have to see them to believe them), and the fact the ship is divided into seven neighbourhoods. Decadence rating: 8/10 Daniel Townsley is a Director at Cruise1st. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Daniel, I suspect that using the word ‘decadent’ in this post has psychological significance. Decadent is not a word synonymous with Responsible Travel.
    I suppose therefore that anyone wanting to travel responsibly would be advised to look elsewhere?

  2. I fail to see haw a ship with thousands of people could be regarded as decadent. To compare a Carnival cruise with one on Siversea is laughable.

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