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Rabbits, chutney and old oak beams: Broadgrove House, Somerset

Nestled in sweeping green pastures, on the Somerset and Wiltshire border, Broadgrove House is chocolate-box perfect. Fresh from the grueling waters of nearby Vobster Quay, my quest for quiet, warm, comfort was complete. This is a gorgeous B&B. As we drove up the sweeping manicured drive, this old crofter’s cottage was a sight for sore, tired and hungry eyes. Basking in the early evening (and increasingly illicit) sun, this hidden gem continues to enjoy a life and vista of calm, Somerset contemplation. Run by the enigmatic and perfectly poised Sarah, this is a stellar outfit. Our room looked out over the meadows, framed by dark oak beams. With atmosphere in spades, periodicals denoting Sarah’s formidable horseracing achievements bedeck the walls (this is pure Horse and Hound country), and birds chirrup in the climbing rose blossom. A former 17th Century smallholding, the house is run with immaculate care; this is clearly a much loved family home. From the old paned glass you can spot rabbits tousling on the grass, and Sarah’s handsome thoroughbred cantering in the paddock. Venturing down the winding staircase, with tousled Sunday morning hair, breakfast is promptly prepared in the old flagstoned kitchen. Get geared up for mountains of homemade chutneys, jams, local ham and eggs to glint indecently from the table top. Contented sighs come very easily here. This is old England at her best. Peaceful, discrete and very, very warm; Broadgrove House is a special spot indeed.

Harriet Dedman

A freelance journalist and documentary photographer, Harriet is currently based between London and New York. Specialising in grass-roots and vintage luxury travel brands, Harriet is constantly on the look out for the alternative and the boutique. Happiest with big vistas, heritage hideaways, and her Nikon DSLR, you can normally find her espousing the glories of golden weekends in Wales.

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