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Luxury in Lisbon: the Altis Prime Hotel

Lisbon is coming of age. Its former malaise has been dispelled by the vibrant post-Salazar generation, and the Altis Prime, Lisbon’s newest boutique aparthotel, is seeking to capitalize on the new brand of modernity emanating from Portugal’s charismatic capital. Resplendent with 78 suites (ranging from studios to the exclusive penthouse), this sizzling hot hotel, dazzles with its contemporary design. Situated in the heart of the city, the Altis Prime is close to trendy Barrio Alto (and the delightful eateries and secret bars which that area engenders), and conveniently adjacent to the business district circa Marquês de Pombal square. For those seeking to indulge in local hustle, amble along to the nearby Banana Café for a mid-morning coffee under the shade of Avenida da Liberdade’s lush green trees. It is here where the Prime’s steely and modern veneer is perfectly complemented by the convivial charm of this old, redolent, and soulful city. Lisbon is upping her game. The Altis Group dominates Lisbon’s high-end hotel market, managing six unique hotels, habituating downtown, central real estate. Each hotel maintains its own identity; this is certainly no identikit chain. The Altis Prime’s salute to the ergonomic, is offset by sister Altis Avenida’s retrospective 1940s musings, the Altis Belem’s ardent luxury, and the Altis Hotel’s comfortable stability. It is the Altis Prime, however, which hits titular synonymy with Lisbon’s cosmopolitan renaissance. There is an ironic sense of discovery here, with Lisbon’s new high octane energy generating a strong cultural identity. And of course, Lisbon is no stranger to discovery; the romance of exploration remains at the soul of this often overlooked capital. It was, of course, from here that great empires were run, new worlds discovered, and the might of the high seas harnessed. Lisbon is embarking on a new prime-time movement of music, design and international fusion which produces a dynamic and exciting new-age destination. The Altis Prime’s sophistication, provides an excellent portal from which to engage with Lisbon’s fresh edge. Inside, cool granite lines are offset by crisp white linens, and a dark walnut finish. These are well appointed apartments for those seeking longer sojourns in the capital; perfectly poised for business travel. Each apartment has access to the sundeck’s Jacuzzi, perched high above the Lisbon sky-line. On a Sunday morning, tune in to the resounding sound of church bells, birds and city chatter. Urban (discrete) luxury, however, comes at a price. With rack rates at (on average) EUR 300 a night, these apartments aspire to the more exclusive of international budgets.

Harriet Dedman

A freelance journalist and documentary photographer, Harriet is currently based between London and New York. Specialising in grass-roots and vintage luxury travel brands, Harriet is constantly on the look out for the alternative and the boutique. Happiest with big vistas, heritage hideaways, and her Nikon DSLR, you can normally find her espousing the glories of golden weekends in Wales.

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