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4 special ideas for a luxury Valentine’s Day in Paris

Trust me, a romantic getaway in Paris for Valentine’s Day is far from being just another cheesy cliché… The City of Love has way more to offer than the obvious, traditional things, like romantic strolls at sundown along the banks of the Seine, or candlelit dinners by the Eiffel Tower (although these are certainly boxes which need to be ticked at some point in your lifetime). But you can introduce a glamorous ‘wow’ factor into proceedings for your 2013 Parisian Saint Valentin, sweeping your special someone off their feet with a truly extraordinary romantic escape. Musée Baccarat Let yourselves be dazzled by the astonishing crystal universe of the Baccarat Gallery-Museum, housed in a magnificent 19th Century mansion redesigned by the hip Philippe Starck. It is home to a sophisticated and distinguished restaurant with an amazing décor, its own boutique, and the museum which displays remarkable collections of tableware, design pieces and jewellery, as well as regular temporary exhibitions. Michelin-star dining Enjoy a bit of Michelin-star dining without breaking the bank… Michelin-star restaurants in Paris offer wonderful lunches that are much more affordable than their dinners, despite having the same stunning food and immaculate service. Our favourite: the famous two-starred Restaurant Jean-François Piège. The cosy atmosphere will be perfect for Valentine’s Day, with only 20 guests in total and lunch at a price of less than €100 per person, including wine! You choose your main ingredients: blue lobster or St Jean de Luz cod, venison or scallops, and the chef surprises you by preparing them in his very own, unique way. Be on your toes as booking opens 15 days before the date at 9am Paris time. Parisian pamper Pamper yourself with a spot of post-lunch R and R with the refined Valentine’s duo package at the Bristol Spa by La Prairie. Enjoy a two-and-a-half hour special spa menu, including a soothing foot bath, body massage and/or facial treatment. You will be cocooned in a double suite with a private jacuzzi, Hammam and terrace. The relaxing journey will finish up with a luxurious cocktail at the bar or on your terrace, with some macarons or petits fours on the side. A lifelong memory How about turning today into a lifelong memory by having a Prestige duo portrait taken at the iconic Harcourt Studio? Founded in 1934, the Harcourt photographic studio has immortalised many a French and international star with its unique touch and lighting process. Enjoy a two-hour make-up session and photo shoot and become the star couple of the day. With a day like this, your loved one cannot fail to fall for you all over again, and to see why Paris deserves its reputation as the City of Love. Magali Déchelette is CEO at Family Twist. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Whoah! Great ideas here… I am planning to bring my wife to Paris this Valentines day… thanks so much for this.

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