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A luxury vacation in the rainforest

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine a vacation in the tropical rainforest? Maybe you picture an exercise in ‘roughing it’ – trudging through the steamy jungle, fending off voracious mosquitoes, drinking boiled water out of metal canteens, sleeping uncomfortably in hot, humid conditions, and all the while keeping an ear out for the call of Tarzan in the distance… well, that was yesteryear! It is still definitely possible to take that kind of vacation, and that may be just the thing for the particularly adventuresome types. But there are other options for those looking for a more refined and unique experience, one not making material sacrifices of comfort. One possibility when visiting the tropics is to stay at an all-inclusive resort, although those are not usually “in” the jungle, and are often generic and crowded. Another option would be to reserve a nature bungalow, although rooms are generally small, with no phones or television, and outside of your room, there’s not much privacy. Lapa Rios Eco Lodge and Wildlife Reserve, one of the original private nature resorts in Costa Rica, would fit this second description. But, finally, a third and better option for many would be to rent a private villa, a vacation home, in a true, tropical rainforest with a view of the Pacific Ocean. For those travelers wishing to merge nature with comfort, Costa Rica, with its unusually large share of nature’s biodiversity, offers many choices. Some of the advantages of renting a luxury villa in a Costa Rican rainforest include having much more private living space, personalized attention from the nearby caretakers, the services of your own concierge, a fully-equipped modern kitchen, a private swimming pool, phone, satellite TV, and the ability to relax in a personal, home-type setting. Have a massage right where you are, and avail yourselves of the services of a chef, if you wish, to create a menu custom designed to your tastes. Also, you need not be concerned about being “very quiet” because of the guests in the neighboring bungalow. Recently, I had the delight to experience a villa at Paradise Costa Rica with the amenities and luxuries as mentioned above. Paradise Costa Rica is actually two villas, sequestered within a 3 acre private estate with views to the Pacific Ocean, and where nature’s wildlife in the surrounding rainforest canopy came to my doorstep and balconies. The villas are separated by a stream over which there is a stone bridge, so they can be rented separately or together. This eco-environment overlooks a tropical rainforest situated 1200 feet above the beach, catching the cooling Pacific breezes, near the sleepy southern Costa Rican pueblo of Dominical. There, you will find no need to go trudging through muddy trails to surprise rainforest wildlife. No, you are in a villa in the middle of the critter’s homes and they are curious to see who you are! While I stayed there, I saw more toucans than I could count and monkeys, parrots and sloths. Being in nature with top-quality linens, plush towels, orthopedic beds from Switzerland, high speed WiFi – this was not roughing it in the steamy jungle, nor viewing nature through a picture window in a Disneyland style resort – this was the real thing – luxurious accommodations within a tropical rainforest. Forrest Geiger is the Owner of 1 Costa Rica Link. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Thank you, Forrest, for such an interesting, informative, and well-written article about visiting Costa Rica in general, and Paradise Costa Rica in specific!

    Your mention of the “steamy jungle” reminded me of how comfortable the environment is year round, thanks to our mountainside elevation — a feature that also explains why there are surprisingly few insects at our property.

    We look forward to hosting your visit the next time you and your family visit Dominical.

    -Glen Love, co-owner/designer, Villa Mango and Casa Amigos

    P.S. Photos can give an idea, but there’s nothing like being in Costa Rica, and at our villas, with the ocean spread out in front, the lap sized swimming pools shimmering below, and the rainforest all around… it’s like Paradise! :-)

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