The world's smallest hotel

When the Central Hotel opens in Copenhagen next month it will be the world’s smallest hotel, offering just one room located above the tiny coffee shop, the Central Café. With just five seats, it is Copenhagen’s smallest coffee shop, with delicious coffee courtesy of The Coffee Collective. The tiny coffee shop also has a selection of kitsch 1980s sweets, such as Hubba Bubba and all time Danish favourite ‘Super Flyer’ liquorice.

Central Hotel

The room at the Central Hotel comes complete with fresh flowers, fruit and wine as well as private bathroom, flat screen TV, Royal Eden bed and mini bar. Breakfast is included and, of course, served in the café downstairs…

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  1. Tom Miller says:

    This is interesting to know. I bet you need to have month’s reservation to get a room. It is like staying in your own home with all the comfortable amenities, especially the coffee shop below.

  2. ces says:

    It must be well-maintained since there is only one room and a coffee shop to look after. Interesting! :)

  3. Jonny Blair says:

    Great bit of information there – I’m a global nomad who loves quirky facts and places like this. I once bought a drink in the world’s smallest nightclub. Not sure it still exists but it was bunker 13 in Bournemouth in England. Only 13 people allowed in at any time and full cocktail menu in a tiny bar. Jonny

  4. Leo Zaza says:

    Sounds nice. Was there a photo of the room as well? What makes this an hotel rather than a B and B?

  5. I would love to know what the rate per night is. I am sure it is not cheap… considering the location!

  6. This sounds great – planning my next holiday and would love to visit Copenhagen and check this out. :-)Will be keeping an eye on opening.

  7. Randy Halton says:

    Very quaint and interesting hotel concept. I think that this is wonderful and they surely wont have a problem with occupancy quotas.

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