Go cocoa-mad at Belize Chocolate Festival

Chocolate lovers can enjoy three days of sheer indulgence at the “Chocolate Festival of Belize” from 24th to 26th May 2013 in the Toledo District, the chocolate mecca of Belize.

This annual event reflects Belize’s rooted history in cacao production, dating back to the times of the Maya, and includes a full programme of fun activities, chocolate inspired food and drink, and great cultural entertainment.  Visitors can engage cacao farmers and chocolatiers on the production process, and tour cacao farms and chocolate factories.


The weekend starts with a “Wine, Chocolate and Belikin Night”, held within the 15,000-acre rainforest reserve at Belcampo Lodge, including live music and the unveiling of the new Belikin Chocolate Stout by the Belize Brewing Company.  On Saturday 25th May, the party will be in the streets of Punta Gorda Town, with music and dance performances from Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo, Creole and East Indian performers, children games and the opportunity to try different chocolate-based dishes and drinks.  The festival’s grand finale on Sunday 26th May, will be held at the Maya temple of Lubaantun, with cocoa grinding and cocoa drinking competitions, art displays, a presentation of the four stages of cocoa production and live entertainment by a Maya indigenous group.

Besides indulging in the locally produced chocolate, visitors to Belize can relax on pristine Caribbean beaches, go diving or snorkelling in the world’s second largest coral reef, or explore the lush jungle on the mainland, which is teeming with wildlife as well as hundreds of hidden Maya temples and palaces.

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