Looking beyond star ratings for excellent, quality accommodation

“Stars are not a secure way to find the perfect hotel.” After reading this sentence in an American novel, uttered by a famous globetrotter, a smart travel agent would realise that the success of a good trip is the experience you have, and that stars are no longer a secure system to sleep in a good location. Instead, excellent service still is the key. This is the very idea behind theluxer.com travel website – a specialized channel of the multi-brand e-store dedicated to high-end clothing and accessories, as well as to the most exclusive travel offers, selected with an all-Italian touch.

Pratello country resort

In theluxer.com selection, it’s possible to find anything from 5 star deluxe hotels to unknown bed and breakfasts, situated in the centre of the most marvellous Italian cities or in the middle of the world famous Italian countryside; from castles or aristocratic Palaces and villas, managed by the descendant of the families who built them, or unusual boutique hotels, situated in Medieval villages, to towers with only one suite or room, or “wine” resorts, surrounded by vineyards and forests.

Monaci delle Terre

Thanks to a concierge service which enables the traveller to conceive their dream vacation, theluxer.com offers a new experience that gives you the chance to discover more about your travel destination and to purchase overnight stays all over Italy. And soon around the world. Currently operating in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Spain, the site will soon expand to the United States, and to new markets such as Asia by the end of 2013.


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