Recipe of the week: Wild sea bass with baby fennel, capers and lemon

Wild sea bass is recommended for this dish. It is more expensive than from the farm but it is worthwhile going that extra mile. The sea bass that are found in the English Channel are the best in the chef’s opinion – they are very tasty, flaky and have an amazing texture. This is a very light Summery dish: the anise flavour of the fennel works very well with the sea bass and the lemon and capers bring our the acidity to help balance the dish.

Sea bass


1 sea bass fillet
1 piece baby fennel cut in half (or 1/4 normal fennel bulb)
One lemon wedge cut into small pieces
1 tbsp drained capers
2 tbsp blended oil
1tsp good extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt


Heat the blended oil in a heavy duty sauté pan until hot, but not smoking.
Season both sides of the sea bass with sea salt.
Place fish skin side down in the pan and press lightly with a spatula to keep the skin from shrinking.
When the skin is crispy and starting to brown, flip it over.
Cook for another 30 seconds, remove to a plate and let it rest.
In the meantime, in the same oil, sauté the fennel until lightly brown and tender, 4-5 minutes.
You are now ready to plate!
Place fish in the middle of the plate, top with baby fennel, surround with extra virgin olive oil, capers, and lemon.

Thank you to George Yaneff, Head Chef at DSTRKT London, for the recipe.

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