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Top 5 ways to make sure she says ‘yes’ when you propose on safari

Africa is one of the world’s most luxurious destinations and with the wide open spaces comes unrivalled romanticism. The vast plains dotted with wildlife and stunning sunsets and sunrises make Africa one of the top places to propose. This continent is not only for honeymoons but also a fantastic place to start your engagement. On safari there are numerous times you’ll be sat on top of an escarpment with Africa stretching before you, having a private candlelit dinner in the bush, or simply sitting watching a leopard when popping the question would be magical. Here we give you some tips on how to make sure she says ‘yes’. Plan your safari carefully When planning a safari the key is making sure you’re going to the right places for you. With the help from a specialist talk in depth about what she likes, and what you like. Don’t cut corners if you don’t have to. A seamless holiday staying in places you’ll both love will have her quickly on side. Go for the views We know it’s clichéd but there is something incredibly romantic about standing on top of a remote rocky outcrop with the African plains stretching far and wide below you – add a magical sunset and a G&T and you have yourself the perfect spot to propose. If you want to be unique ask your specialist consultant or guide to locate a spot where no one has ever proposed (or maybe even been!) before. Safari view Do ask for the little touches Just because it’s not your honeymoon doesn’t mean you can’t be treated to the most romantic of holidays. Tell your agent or the camp managers that you are going to propose and ask for the ‘little touches’ to be included. Rose petal baths in the middle of the bush, surprise candlelit dinners, and sunset dhow cruises will make your safari a trip of a lifetime. Don’t save yourself first This point is more humorous but we do hear of the odd story of a boyfriend pulling his girlfriend out of his way so that he can get in the safari vehicle first as an angry rhino thunders towards them. Not the way to your girl’s heart that’s for sure. Rhino Don’t forget the ring Even if you weren’t planning to propose we strongly suggest you take a ring with you. Africa is one of the world’s most romantic destinations with vast open spaces, under canvas explorations, stunning sunrises and spectacular sunsets – we don’t want you to get caught short! Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of Africa Rose Travel Ltd. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Proposing on a safari is definitely a unique idea. But, if you are willing to go to this expense, make sure that she is ready and most likely to say yes before booking the trip. And, I agree, find a place with a great view to pop the question!

  2. Love these tips, although I think he/she’s pretty likely to say yes no matter how you ask on safari, that alone is pretty spectacular!

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