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5 of the most expensive places to stay in the world

Have you ever wondered where the world’s most affluent people stay when they go on vacation? It’s no secret that an unlimited budget can take you anywhere in the world, but what are some of the world’s most exclusive accomodations? The following are 5 of the most luxurious places to stay in the world: Villa Bellissima VI, Tuscany This 800- year old farming village sits on a rural hillside in the province of Siena in Tuscany. Although newly restored, many structures in this villa have been left untouched to signify prior ownership by the powerful Sienese family. This villa has 22 suites in the manor house and 4 Tuscan farmhouses. Guests will enjoy a formal dining room and outdoor dining terrace, grand piano in the living room, theatre room, library, bar, wine tasting room, professional kitchen, arcaded courtyard and various benches and gazebos in an extensive garden space. There is also a 60 ft oval swimming pool, state of the art gym, spa, and basketball and tennis courts. Villa Bellissima VI, Tuscany Price: $19,570 per night Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino, Las Vegas Frequently visited by guest such as Kanye West and T-Pain, this two- story 9000 sq.ft suite modeled after the Playboy Mansion features three bedrooms, an eight-foot rotating bed, terrace with outdoor pool and sunbathing area, private spa room, butler service, poker table, full wet bar, Indoor water features, private glass elevator, $700,000 Jacuzzi and a spectacular view of the strip! Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Price: $40,000 per night Nygard Cay, Bahamas This stunning private island features 10 bedrooms, 2 pools, multiple waterslides, human aquarium, 5 Jacuzzi’s, 85 ft yacht with 2 state rooms, tennis courts, volleyball courts, 24 seat movie theatre, 32,000 sq. Ft grand- hall, 100,000 pound glass ceiling, 2 Hummers and a 48ft fishing vessel. Nagard Cay is located at the end of Lyford Cay in Nassau. Former guests at this 6 acre dreamland have included Oprah Winfrey, Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro and former President George H.W. Bush. If you are interested in visiting The Cay, Peter Nygard’s own private Boeing 727 may be available to pick your group up from anywhere around the world! Nygard Cay Bahamas Price: $47,000 per night Necker Island, British Virgin Islands Built by Sir Richard Branson, this 74 acre island located just north of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The island operates like a resort with 60 staff members, and accommodation for up to 28 guests. Accommodation is split between six Bali Houses (1 bedroom each), and the Temple House, which is Richard Branson’s home that consists of a master bedroom and a separate house called the Love Temple. All eight rooms have private en-suite bathrooms. Features on this island include virtually every water sport you can think of, infinity pools, hiking, fancy dress parties, casino nights, bbq’s on the beach, and over 200 flamingos! Necker Island Price: $52,000 per night Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Geneva The Royal Penthouse Suite is one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive hotels rooms. This elegant 18,000 sq. ft suite occupies the entire eighth floor of the hotel and is truly fit for royalty. The suite comprises of 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 26 seat dining room, private elevator, billiard room, salon, library, guard room and access to a helipad. Nearly every room in this suite has views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, even the bathrooms. Safety and privacy is no concern in this penthouse. Safety features include bulletproof widows, panic buttons, human-sized safe and armored doors, which make this a perfect place to stay for celebrities, government officials and anyone seeking privacy. You can’t find a more luxurious suite in the world! Royal Penthouse Suite Price: $81,000 per night Greg Eyjolfson is Co-Founder & General Manager at Arisoko. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. In my opinion, a special mention must be dedicated to the Royal Suite at Cala di Volpe in Sardinia.

  2. While it is definitely a cool room with an amazing view, the 2 story villa at Palms actually isn’t related to Playboy or Hugh Hefner anymore. They ended their licensing deal last year, so even the bunny logo isn’t in the pool these days.

  3. These are all extravagance. But still love to visit these places. All are wonderful and beautiful plus the privacy. I think this is worth the price anyhow.

  4. One day, one day I’ll be able to afford one of these. However, I think that’s likely to be a long way off. Lottery anyone?

  5. There is one way to afford anything of these.

    Become a politician if you have a public school education in the UK. Especially Eton.

    Us little folk will pay for your visit on expenses.

    It’s that easy.

    Can anyway tell me if it is still right that politicians can put on expenses going to a day spa, having a massage or other relaxation de-stress in the UK?

    Put it as a fact finding tour and as a politician you get to fly club class as well. on expenses.

  6. Necker Island is worth every cent- the clearest blue ocean I have ever seen. Be sure to explore the island, which is full of exotic animals like ring-tailed lemurs and scarlet ibis birds. Sir Richard Branson even gives personal tours!

  7. Years ago a sommelier told me any idiot can buy a good bottle of wine for $100 or more but it takes an expert to find a good one for $10 or less. Which one are you?

  8. Spent almost 4 nights working in the Hefner Sky Villa for the Video Music Awards one year, amazing space! I was terrified to go out in the overhanging pool!

  9. I’m Italian, and I lived in Siena for a few years, I met a girl who spent two days in that villa, told me that she was an amazing experience and would like to return one day in a near future… ohh maybe I had the opportunity to spend at least two hours in that villa! :-(

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