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The trend for private jet modifications takes off

Home renovations are common. They are done for various reasons, from creating more space to converting a room – for instance, changing a garage to a home office. Sometimes, home modifications are done just for the aesthetics. The same is true with private jets. A trend has begun where those who own them are going all out to have them done up to the highest levels of comfort and opulence. They are having them kitted out with amenities that make them as well equipped – if not better – than the most luxurious suites. The billionaire Prince of Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud is one of the private jet owners who started the trend of modifications when he acquired his Airbus A380. This is the world’s largest private jet. It is the same model that is flown by Emirates and Singapore Airlines. It can hold 800 passengers and can cover a distance of 8,000 miles before stopping to refuel. Airbus A380 Some of the modifications the Prince has had done on his jet is having the seats for 800 removed and having a marble Turkish bath installed as well as parking space for his Rolls Royce. Factors to consider For the Prince, the main goal is to create an air-borne paradise. It is important to have a clear understanding of the end result you want before commissioning modifications to be made. Another major decision you will need to make is the materials that you will want to be used. For the Prince, it was a marble Turkish bath. You could opt for the same or luxurious wood touches such as mahogany, or you could go for leather or chrome or a combination of two or more different materials. It will all depend on the final result you want to achieve. While making these choices, another factor you need to take into consideration is maintenance. Apart from mechanical maintenance of the engine and other mechanical systems, it will be necessary to have regular maintenance done on every other part of the jet to maintain the look. Do some research on this and be sure you can keep up with what will be required as you choose your materials. It is also very important to choose the right people to do the work. Private jet customization is an expensive undertaking and you want to get it done right. Otherwise, you may incur the expense of starting again from scratch with alternative modifications, or you may end up with a badly done job that is not what you wanted. A professional private jet customization company will have a team of professionals that make everything come together. They will have architects, interior designers, interior decorators and also engineers who will ensure that all the modifications will not interfere with the optimum performance of a jet. Before selecting a company for the job, do some research.  Apart from looking at the bids and proposals on paper, ask to see previous work that a company has undertaken and successfully completed. Walking through a private jet that has a company’s stamp is the best way to get a good idea of what they can do. Jack Lockyer is Digital Marketing Manager at Chapman Freeborn. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. You have given us very useful information here.The misconceptions about private jets may have led to losses and inconveniences to various individuals who may have feared approaching it and opted for ordinary air travel. Thank you for sharing!

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