5 weekender travel bags perfect for your mini getaway

What’s a quick getaway without a sleek and stylish carry-all accomplice? Don’t be tied down with heavy, cumbersome luggage – it will slow your (deservedly) wandering step.  But don’t cramp your style either; it won’t do to be without your travel essentials! When leaving town for a two to three day mini escape, you’ll want to pack your things in a compact carrier, preferably durable, lightweight and chic. Traveling in style is the ultimate look of luxury, so we did the legwork for you and came up with five of the most wonderful weekenders that will help carry you along through your mini holiday!

Longchamp Pliage

This roomy tote is also foldable, making it completely portable.  Use it to pack lightly for a weekend away or keep it handy just in case you need the extra bag by the end of your trip!

Longchamp Pliage

Deux Lux Raleigh Weekender Bag

Chicly striped, this duffle is sure to go unnoticed as you make your way towards weekend freedom.  Its barrel shape allows for maximum capacity, too!

Deux Lux Raleigh Weekender Bag

Louis Vuitton Keepall

Louis Vuitton built his eponymous line from making a profession out of packing for royals.  Take a page out of his monogrammed book and stow your things in the classic Keepall, one of the House’s most iconic pieces.

Louis Vuitton Keepall

Clare Vivier Tote in Camel

Slouchy and with both hand and shoulder straps, this soft tote by Clare Vivier makes packing for a quick and casual trip so easy.  Just the right amount of space without the bulk!

Clare Vivier Tote in Camel

Diane Von Furstenberg Modern Tile Overnighter

Feminine yet functional, this travel bag by Diane Von Furstenberg is roomy with extra pockets and reinforced leather handles.  You’ll be the belle in the buggy with this weekender.

Diane Von Furstenberg Modern Tile Overnighter

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Comments (3)

  1. Anastasia says:

    Bags have a wonderful way of leaving an imprint on your palm or forearm as we travel with the kitchen sink.

    Travelling light is realising that your destination has all the shopping potential of where you have just come from.

    Narrow straps carve a furrow in your neck and shoulder that will suffer anyway whilst you are stuck in an aircraft seat for several hours. The stress of travel bunches up your neck and shoulders even without those long prone hours.

    So hold your bag looped over your forearm but resting against the body or over your one shoulder putting your hand over the top of the bag and holding the strap. This spreads the physical load so preventing physical stress.

    And bear in mind this bag is going to get squashed under weighty holdalls up in the cabin luggage. Will it survive its own stressors?

    And what do you stash in your overnight or weekender bag? Just a couple of changes of clothes, light and wrinkle free. Anything else can be bought at your destination, used and left behind.

    After all you are not off on a camping expedition to deepest, darkest remote nowhere.

    So which bag is for which destination, might you think?

    My view is the fold up bag is an overnighter in the same country.

    The striped bag is not quite total upmarket and maybe a 4 star hotel?

    The Vuitton can go anywhere of course up to 6 star and beyond.

    The Camel tote looks vaguely French, Oui?

    And the last one? An abstract art exhibition?

    What do you think?

  2. Barbara says:

    You can never go wrong with a Luis Vuitton. That is always my bag of choice! The suede one piques my interest. But I love my Louis!

  3. Nina says:

    Love, Love the Louis but can’t go past the Longchamp Le Pliage for practicality. I always pack a few for the extra luggage on the return trip.

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