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3 travel gadgets for the savvy traveller

Let’s face it; gadgets make our lives easier and nowadays we simply can’t survive without them (and why would we want to!). Whether you’re a business traveller where communication is vital or simply a leisure traveller who likes to keep up with the latest tech happenings, here are three travel gadgets that will make you wonder how you have lived without them… Laser virtual keyboard Use your desk as a keyboard, in fact, you can even use your leg as a keyboard.  A virtual laser keyboard projects a keyboard on to any surface and is small enough to fit in to your pocket. Celluon keyboard projector Portable projector Why watch movies from the small screen of your iPhone or iPad when you can project your screen onto a whole wall!  Get that cinema experience in the comfort of your own hotel room with a pocket size portable projector. iPhone projector   Luggage tracker The last thing you want to happen on your trip is for your luggage to get lost.  A luggage tracker installs GPS into your suitcase so you can track it down wherever it is. Trakdot Andrea Crome is Marketing Manager at WorldSIM. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. The laser virtual keyboard needs to be on a sloping surface and your wrists supported.

    Otherwise, like this ancient typist, frozen hands and fingers will ruin your hands and curtail your business career.

    What RSI does is lock your finger, hand, wrist and up into your forearm in one locked up useless whole. Making you old and knackered like me.

    The best prevention is taking frequent breaks, good wrist support so your hand is not over-strained, learn to use all your fingers as a typist and not just one finger, which is lethal over time, and look away from the screen often, refocusing to the near, middle and far distance. Otherwise you get ‘computer eye’ where the eye locks, unable to blink that remoisturizes your eyeball and makes your eye able to move in your eye socket.

    Now if we had a pen and were able to write on a virtual tablet? But again gripping a pen gives you RSI.

    Isn’t this fun.

    The message is, all things in moderation.

    And how are you sitting. Bent over the keyboard? No, no, no. Your back will lock and pain you in but a short space of time. Sit back with the base of your spine supported, including the curve of your spine.

    And where is the screen? Are you looking down at it or even worse up? Your neck will go. Put the laptop so the screen is at comfortable eye height, with no bending or looking up. Less fatigue on an anatomy not built for the computer age.

    The mini projector might just be something that your mini computer might use as a screen? Even better if it could.

    There you are in your first class cabin or luxury hotel room with a screen as big as you like, multiple floating windows to save your clicker finger, even better with touch screen, and voice commands.

    Now we are cooking on gas.

    And all the stress of your luggage going astray solved with a little lightweight gadget.

    Now that’s living in luxury.

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