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The top 5 reasons to visit Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those destinations that people either warm to or they don’t. It’s a top honeymoon destination and despite being part of the United State still extremely exotic with tropical climes. The island offers many of the luxuries you simply can’t get at home and is one of those places many people only dream of visiting. If you’re not one of the dreamers, then check out our top five reasons why Hawaii should be on your places to visit list. Public beaches Every beach in Hawaii is completely public. This means you can relax on the white sands, meters away from beachfront properties owned by some of the biggest starts in the world. Everyone from Bette Midler to Oprah has property on the island and there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying the same views and luxurious experiences as these big names. Aloha Hawaiian beach Visit the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest holds the crown but in fact when measured from base to peak (rather than feet above sea level), Mauna Kea classes as the world’s highest mountain. This is due to nearly 20,000 feet of the mountain sitting under sea level. Its entire height (33,500 feet) is twice the size of Everest’s base to peak although you evidently can’t climb the underwater segment. It’s surrounded by lush Hawaiian greenery and a great place for a gentle stroll. Hula culture Home of many fascinating traditions and myths, Hawaii provides a fascinating and unique culture that all visitors can immerse themselves in. You can get involved with a traditional Hula dance, accompanied by chants and enjoy the experiences that native Hawaiians have indulged in for centuries. You may even be lucky enough to get involved with a genuine luau, a type of festival where traditional foods including the Kahlua pig can be enjoyed. Hawaiian culture is like no other and it’s something everyone should experience, if they can. Hula culture Molokai Island Molokai island is in the Hawaii peninsula close to Maui and was traditionally North America’s most famous leper colony. Leprosy, now known as Hansen’s disease, is no longer active on the island so it’s now a fascinating historical and sociological place to visit as well as being exceptionally beautiful. Molokai is home to the world’s highest sea cliffs for you to watch the Pacific swirling below. Ultimate privacy Hawaii is often believed to be the most isolated population on earth, miles from anywhere else and perfectly serene. Visiting Hawaii may mean you see no other people except your travel companions during the bulk of your stay if you wish and this can be furthered if you choose to rent your own private villa. If you’re taking your new spouse away to enjoy your honeymoon what could be better? You’re 4000km from the nearest continent so it is truly an escape from reality. Hawaii is a luxury travel destination for all these reasons and more. If you haven’t considered it before, we’re sure you’ll add it to that list now. James Mannings is Co-Founder of Top Villas. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

James Mannings

James Mannings is Co-Director of Top Villas.

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  1. my family and i visited Hawaii last summer. we stayed in Hilo. We also spend a lot of time in Jamaica, the beaches there are also very beautiful. I would definitely go back to Hawaii

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