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5 luxury Autumn breaks that won’t break the bank

An Autumn getaway is an appealing idea. You can find far cheaper flights and accommodation and enjoy some real relaxation now the screaming children are safely back in school. From October onwards the weather tends to be more unpredictable but if you know where to go you can still find the sun. Here are five of our favourite destinations for a luxury Autumn break that won’t leave you penniless before Christmas. We’ve purposefully chosen places that aren’t too far from home for maximum affordability and minimum jet lag. Cyprus For the most reliable Autumn weather in the Mediterranean, head to Cyprus. Because it’s so far south it stays hotter for longer. In October, while Mallorca can be damp and dreary, Cyprus is still getting nine hours of sunshine a day and enjoying temperatures of up to the 30s. If you don’t find the resorts appealing (they have a reputation for being less luxurious than those elsewhere in the Med), then look for private guest houses and cottages that are available to rent. Anassa, Cyprus Saint-Tropez Autumn is a great time to visit Saint-Tropez. While the summer jetsetters have jetted elsewhere, the luxury restaurants, boutiques and beaches are still there. You’ll find Plage de Pampelonne and Plage des Salins, which are usually jam-packed, are deliciously quiet. You may be less likely to spot a celebrity, but you’re far more likely to spot an empty sun lounger. Temperatures still go up to the mid-20s and the vibe is a lot more relaxed than in peak season. Canary Islands It’s actually often far more comfortable to visit the Canaries in Autumn than in summer – it’s less windy and not as sweaty. Expect temperatures to be in the 20s and the sea to be at its best after cooking all summer long. For heat-seekers and those who really want a tan, Lanzarote is the hottest of the islands due to it being only 70 kilometres from the Sahara Desert. ABAMA Golf & Spa Resort, Tenerife Egypt Temperatures reach heights of 31C here in Autumn, so it’s hot enough for a tan but not too hot to cope with. It’s a great time to go diving and there’s a huge array of reefs on the coast for you to choose from. Day trips to all the stunning attractions are far less stressful at this time of year due to reduced crowds. Sardinia If you’re after more than just a beach break, Sardinia is ideal. Autunno in Barbagia (Autumn in Barbagia) is a series of festivals, which run from September to December and take place across 27 villages in Barbagia. There are street markets, craft workshops, open houses and group walking trips. If that all sounds a bit strenuous you can always just head to one of the blissfully empty beaches and enjoy the sun in peace. Sardinia One last travel tip – don’t be afraid to negotiate From mid-September onwards, the owners of hotels, apartments and villas are much more likely to be open to negotiating on price. Any rooms they don’t fill will be a loss and as there is less demand that puts you in a stronger position to barter. If you are going to try and strike a deal with your accommodation of choice, you might find it’s easier done over a telephone conversation than via email. A strategy that can work well is to initially ask for the price of one night less than you actually want, so if you’re planning a seven night trip ask how much it will be for six. Once they’ve told you their offer, you can charmingly ask if they will consider throwing in one more night at no extra cost. Apart from the overall price, you can try your luck at getting other bonuses like a room upgrade or free breakfasts. These little extras won’t make much difference to them but will make your holiday experience extra luxurious. Sylvia Nankivell is Director of Indulgable UK. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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