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Top 5 haunted stays this Halloween

Like a bit of ghoul with your glamour? Or perhaps you prefer your comfort with a side of creepy? Then you’ll love a stay in one of these reputedly haunted properties this Halloween season; luxurious by day, chilling by night… for some potentially spooky surprises, here are our top five suggestions. Angleterre Hotel, St Petersburg, Russia In the mid-1920s Sergei Esenin was Russia’s most famous poet. He was also rather boastful and was quoted as saying “Nearly all poets in Russia die before they are able to see a full collection of their works. But I am going to see mine”. He wasn’t wrong: by the end of November 1925 the typeset for all three volumes of his works were in place, however, his confidence was short-lived when later that year, on 28th December, he was found dead in his room at the Angleterre Hotel in St Petersburg, Russia. As the story goes, Esenin had complained that there was no ink in the hotel and his final poem, “Goodbye, my friend, goodbye…” was found written in blood… Hotel Angleterre The Stanley Hotel, Colorado, USA Just one glance at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado and it’s instantly recognisable as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, ‘The Shining’. And while the hotel was never actually used for Stanley Kubrick’s screen version of the book, the hotel is reportedly a hotbed for mysterious goings on in its own right. Stanley Hotel For those of a nervous disposition it may be a comfort to know the hotel prides itself on only having “happy ghosts” a housekeeper who packs away or unpacks for guests in room 217, children of long ago who run up and down the halls of the fourth floor laughing and giggling, and the property’s original owners, F.O and Flora Stanley who long to still be a part of their beloved hotel. Larnach Castle, Dunedin, New Zealand With over 30 reported sightings of the paranormal since 2008, it’s no wonder Larnach Castle is considered one of New Zealand’s most haunted places. With it’s exciting, sometimes scandalous, sometimes tragic history, Larnach Castle offers guests a vision of the past and present. Larnach Castle Serving as a family home, a WWII establishment and a mental hospital, there are plenty of stories to keep those with an interest in the supernatural entertained, including that of Eliza, the wife of Larnach Castle’s first owner, who is said to linger in the very room that she died, and sightings of a young girl in the ballroom, believed to be the former owner’s daughter, for whom the ballroom was built. Amantaka in Luang Prabang, Laos The sumptuous and graceful Amantaka in Luang Prabang was built in the 1920s when the grand French-colonial buildings were originally used as a hospital. It’s no wonder then one might assume the property could be home to a spirit or two – indeed every October, on the anniversary of the Amantaka’s opening, monks are invited to exorcize any lingering souls. The property also features a fairly sizable spirit house, a structure or shelter for spirits to reside in so that they do not remain in the main building. Amantaka Despite Amantaka’s supposed spectres, the property offers a peaceful stay for guests, where luxury and history blends seamlessly. What is even more impressive is that ten of Amantaka’s buildings are protected by UNESCO World Heritage status. Hotel Roosevelt, Los Angeles, USA Perhaps the most famous of all reputedly haunted hotels, the Hotel Roosevelt in LA is said to be the home of Marilyn Monroe’s ghost. Recognised as one of the world’s most iconic women, Monroe spent much of her time at the Roosevelt and her apparition has been seen numerous times reflected in a mirror that once hung in her favourite suite. Anguished actor Montgomery Cliff is alleged to haunt his old room, number 928, where he supposedly rehearses his lines, and a young girl in a blue dress is also believed to wander the halls. Cold spots, spooky calls and creepy orbs are also part of the make-up of the Roosevelt Hotel – a must for anyone with a fascination for celebrities and the supernatural alike. Hotel Roosevelt Craig Burkinshaw is a Founder Director of Audley Travel. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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