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Top 5 artistic excursions in Florida

Visiting Florida doesn’t have to be all about Disney. In fact, if you’re travelling without children then chances are you want to enjoy another side of the famous state. Although it isn’t a hugely known fact across the world, art lovers will not be disappointed by a trip to Florida. It’s an area which doesn’t disappoint with stunning architecture, art museums and theatres to ensure the thirst of the art lover is well and truly quenched. Individuals looking for an artistic retreat with plenty of inspiration could enjoy a trip to Florida and of course we suggest you do it in style. Relax in the height of luxury with your own private rental villa, ensuring you have the time and space to contemplate your experiences or even indulge in a little art of your own. Here are our top five picks for artistic enlightenment in Florida. Art Deco District Walking Tour The Art Deco District of Miami is world-renowned and has some of the most intricate and enjoyable original art deco architecture in the world. This ninety minute walking tour provides guests with an in-depth outline of the Art Deco, Miami Modern (MiMo) and Mediterranean Revival styles of art and architecture which are fantastically shown off in the area. The tour includes entering some of the most fascinating buildings and is offered by the Miami Design Prevention League who are dedicated to ensuring all art and places of interest in the area are protected. Orlando Museum of Art The Orlando Museum of Art has been around since 1924 and is an educational institution dedicating to showing off the finest and best of Florida. The institution is dedicated to enriching the culture of Florida and tourists can enjoy some of the finest examples of community art alongside exhibitions from world-renowned artists. Orlando Museum of Art Mennello Museum of American Art You’re in America so it makes sense to take stock of the fascinating array of American art on show. The Mennello Museum of American Art is near downtown Orlando and highlights a range of American art covering all cultures, periods and styles. Exhibitions have included focus on African American Art, focus on Florida artists and highlighting individuals including Maury Hurt and Grady Kimsey. Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum Casa Feliz is a restored Spanish farmhouse designed by renowned architect James Gamble Rogers II and open to viewing from the public. It’s a fascinating experience for any art or architecture lovers and is the kind of environment which is bound to get those creative juices flowing. In the heart of Winter Park, Florida. Casa Feliz Garden Theatre The Arts isn’t all about ‘art’ in the sense of physically producing works of art. It can be theatre and live performances and the Garden Theatre is one of the most prominent in Orlando and holds a range of fascinating community shows as well as larger touring shows. If you fancy something different to visiting a museum, book a show. An artistic break in the lap of luxury in Florida is something anyone with a creative streak can enjoy. Give it a go and you may be pleasantly surprised. James Mannings is Co-Founder of Top Villas. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

James Mannings

James Mannings is Co-Director of Top Villas.

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