The 5 best restaurants in Verbier

Verbier is one of the world’s premier ski resorts and as a result the dining options here are varied and exciting. Whether you’re looking for local specialities, innovatively developed, or something more along traditional gourmet lines there are options in and around the resort for everyone. As a taster of what’s on offer, here are the five best restaurants in Verbier:

Cordée des Alpes

Cordée des Alpes achieves both snug and smart in its ambiance via a combination of wooden beams, flagstone flooring and sophisticated leather booths. The menu is based on traditional ingredients on a seasonal rotation and fresh, local produce is the order of the day. Dishes such as Courgette Six Ways (creamy, grilled, croquette, stuffed, courgette flowers crispy and farcie), langoustines in a lemongrass bouillon and Alpine marinated lamb chops are mouth-wateringly delicious.

Cordee des Alpes

La Grange

La Grange may not look like much from the outside but this restaurant provides a deliciously Alpine gourmet take on classic French and Swiss dishes. The speciality here is the grilled meat and fish, which is cooked on wood fire grills for that wonderful smoky taste, and the wine list is well known for its quality.

Nevai Restaurant

The Nevai Restaurant takes a contemporary approach to both its ambiance and its dishes, with the cool elegance of the surroundings reflecting back the stylish and delicious designs on the plates. The menu has been created around the restaurant’s open grill so the menu is heavy with grilled meat and fish, whilst the flavours are very much a mix of punchy Asian and fragrant Mediterranean. One of the most fashionable gourmet spots in the area.


Millenium Restaurant

The Millenium Restaurant is well known for its melt in the mouth filet steak, as well as a range of fabulous dishes and a comfortable, modern ambiance. The approach is strictly contemporary with signature dishes like duo of beef and red deer served with foie gras, and ostrich “Millennium” served with foie gras and morille sauce, ensuring that the Millennium is always busy hosting the foodies of the resort.

Restaurant Arola

The Restaurant Arola is a new addition to the Verbier gastronomic terrain and due to open in December 2013. Run by two Michelin starred chef Sergio Arola it promises the same sleek modern interiors and contemporary menu as his namesake restaurant in Paris. Expect dishes such as carpaccio of langoustines, oxtail ravioli and the signature patatas bravas Arola – gourmet with a distinctly Spanish edge.


For those looking for gastronomic goldmines then these are five great dining spots to note.

Celine Renaud is Head of Sales for Leo Trippi.

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Comments (7)

  1. Jay says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of good restaurants. Been a foodie since forever and I am enjoying this post so much! Thanks for that.

  2. John says:

    I always find that mountain air increases my appetite and these restaurants look like wonderful options. Thank you for a great post.

  3. Kev says:

    My personal favourite is La Dahu on the La Chaux ski run, but saying that we are looking forward to trying the fine food at Restaurant Arola.

  4. Carozzo says:

    Hello everyone, I am sorry but this list is NOT “the five best restaurants in Verbier”… They might be the “five most expensive restaurants in Verbier” but it would require more verification…
    There is a growing number of restaurant options in Verbier with a growing number of menu variety. Among orhers I can mention LeChalet d’Adrien, Le Rouge, Le Carrefour, L’Ecurie, La Channe, le Caveau, La Pergola (best pasta in town), Al Capone, etc,etc



  5. Vanessa says:

    How can you blog on a place (Arola) claiming it’s one of the 5 best, when it’s not even open yet and I doubt the builders haven’t even moved out??

  6. Nicola Ross says:

    These are not the top 5 restaurants in Verbier by far! The reason I know this is because I worked for 3 years for a luxury travel company based in Verbier and our clientele demanded the very best I just thought it would be worth mentioning;

    – Sonalon
    – Fer a cheval
    – aux vieux Verbier
    – chez Dany
    – chalet D’adrien ( Michelin star)
    – la Rouge
    – nomad sushi bar
    – caveau

    To name but a few! It’s worth checking the menus outside the restaurants to see what suits your palette.

  7. Celine Renaud says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all of your comments and I’m glad to see that some of you have enjoyed the blog.

    To Carozzo and Nicola – I appreciate you taking the time out to comment – there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Verbier as you have mentioned and narrowing it down to 5 is never easy.
    However, what I would say is that the ‘5 best restaurants in Verbier’ (as with any similar article) is a subjective piece and dependant on the experiences you have had in the restaurants. I have always had excellent experiences in these places and thus chose them accordingly.

    Thank you very much for your feedback, it may prove necessary to edit the post in the future once I have been fortunate enough to return to all of these establishments.

    Kind regards,


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