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8 great shopping cities for those who love luxury

Shopping is undeniably one of the most pleasurable things to do—especially when you are travelling, and you are eager to bring home some goodies to your family and friends (and of course, for yourself). There are many great shopping cities, but here are some of the best according to travellers and ladies! Shopping in Milan Seoul, South Korea Seoul might be the most shopping obsessed country in Asia, if not the world. In fact, South Korea holds the fine distinction of having the most credit card transactions per individual a couple of years back. The government actively encourages this plastic-whipping behaviour by requiring all merchants in the country to accept credit card payments, no matter how cheap the prices are. Make sure to hit the popular Seoul Folk Flea Market, the Gyeongdong Market, Doota Mall, the Lotte Department Store, Gangnam (made popular by that catchy pop tune), the Namdaedun Market, and of course, the first Louis Vuitton duty free store in the city’s airport. Madrid, Spain Aside from the lovely weather, Madrid is also perfect for tourists who want to do some serious shopping. Any jet setting shopaholic worth his or her salt will know that Capas Seseña is the place to be when visiting Madrid on a shopping trip. This shop is over a hundred years old, and specializes in a wide variety of traditional cotton velvet and wool capes for both men and women. Capas Seseña also boasts a prestigious list of clients, including the artist Pablo Picasso who supposedly loved his Seseña cape so much he asked to be buried with it. Make sure you remember to drop by Casa de Diego for traditional Spanish castanets, combs, mantillas, parasols, and fans. Madrid Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina is known for its exotic vibe, but the shopping is also wonderful in the capital city of Buenos Aires. This city is perfect for those who are looking for great prices on high quality leather goods. The Mocasines Guido is one of the most popular leather goods establishments in the city, offering stylish and high quality leather shoes for men. If you are a man who likes to be elegant, then pair your fly leather shoes with threads from the famed tailors’ street Casa Murillo. Milan, Italy Milan earns its reputation as one of the most exciting cities for shopping because it is the home of luxury fashion houses such as Versace, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. Other than hitting outlets of the aforementioned brands (and doing serious damage to your credit cards), make sure you visit the Quadrilatero della Moda and the Quadrilatero d’Oro, which some fashion experts consider as the most important shopping and fashion district in the continent, if not the world. Milan shopping Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai Mall is a perfect illustration of the opulence of the modern Arab world. Easily the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall boasts of computer-controlled dancing fountains, a gargantuan ice skating rink, an aquarium, its own indoor souk, theme parks, and the first Bloomingdale’s location outside the US. Dubai is also home to another impressive mall, the Mall of the Emirates, which has its own indoor ski resort. Paris, France Paris is perfect not only for those who want to enjoy some dramatic urban landscapes and espresso in the avenue cafés, but also for those who want to find high quality goods. Colette is a famed name when it comes to designer goods, mostly because it offers wonderful discounts and reduced prices. Le Bon Marché has been around for more than 150 years, and is famous for its expansive selection of gourmet food. Printemps, on the other hand boasts the largest beauty section in the world and an exclusive line of merchandise designed by the fashion house Christian Dior. And there is the Galeries Lafayette, a department store occupying a gorgeous art nouveau building, with an entire floor dedicated solely to lingerie and other delicates. Paris shopping Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This Southeast Asian city is famous for having some of the largest malls in the world, proving to shoppers from different parts of the globe that bigger really is better. 1 Utama in Kuala Lumpur boasts of its own indoor rock climbing facility, a freshwater aquarium, koi ponds, and a virtual rooftop jungle with more biodiversity than some countries. The prices of goods in Malaysia are relatively affordable, but the ultimate bargain comes in the form of anticipated sales, such as the Yearend Sale. London, England London is not exactly known for being an affordable city, but there are plenty of shops and brands offering high quality goods in prices that are really worth it. Liberty is one of the city’s most famous department stores, with a wide range of merchandise for shoppers of different tastes. Harrods Marco Sagese is Director at Daddy Car Hire.

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  1. Hi Marco,
    Thanks for introducing the capital city of my home country, Kuala Lumpur.

    There are definitely more shopping venues in KL that are worth to mention, especially in the shopping and entertainment district of Bukit Bintang, Pavillion and Starhill Gallery are some not to be missed shopping malls that features high end products, whereby Bukit Bintang Plaza, Imbi Plaza and Lot 10 are some other malls that sell affordable items:)

    Note: You may want to make a slight change that 1Utama is not located in KL, it is located in the neighboring state Selangor. About 40 minutes drive from KL city centre.

    Simon Lee

  2. A pretty strong list. Milan’s a great place to still “feel” like you’re in Italy, but satisfy those consumerist impulses we all have to admit having. :)

    For those that haven’t been, if you’re in the mood for luxury shopping for things that you can take home that just scream “the best of Italy”, Venice has some outstanding options as well. There are a couple side streets just off Piazza San Marco that have great opportunities for fashion, jewelery, and blown glass indulgences for the discerning traveler. Worth a look!

    And that train ride from Milan to Venice is a luxury for the eyes…don’t miss it!

  3. I travel extensively and I am from Kuala Lumpur. Whilst I am proud my home city made the list, I honestly think there are far better cities when it comes to shopping, luxury or not. Luxury shopping is definitely not cheaper in KL. Your title is … Shopping for those who love luxury, but the descriptions of cities exp KL is far fr it – as you chose to highlight a mall for its rooftop jungle, rock climbing, etc. perhaps you shd amend the title of the article. We read articles based on titles, so this i find misleading.

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