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Top 5 ‘foodie’ luxury safari lodges

We’ve always put a lot of emphasis on food, and luckily it has now become a feature of almost all luxury safari camps. We know you’re all there to see the wildlife but you are also on holiday and we think you should be truly spoilt. Having good food certainly doesn’t detract from the ‘seriousness’ of the property as a top game viewing destination, it simply means they care about what they’re feeding you. The move in the luxury safari industry’s menus in the last two years is now very much towards healthy delicious menus that don’t make you feel sluggish and bloated. It’s the one time no one has to cook so we take our food very seriously when on safari. Here is the top five of foody safari properties: 1. Any of the Singita properties, Tanzania and South Africa The Singita properties are not only located in the most remote, pristine and game rich areas of Africa, and not only do they offer unparalleled luxury, but they also hire the world’s best chefs to cook. This is top end safari properties at their best. Sabora Camp dining 2. Jack’s Camp, San Camp or an Uncharted Mobile Safari, Botswana The Uncharted Mobile Safari was quite extraordinary. The chefs here were cooking perfectly presented soufflés, perfectly baked bread and much much more from a simply tin oven which has to be buried over a fire. The same applies to Uncharted’s sister camps Jack’s and San – food heaven! 3. Olarro, Kenya Olarro is a little known lodge which is chic, luxurious and spoiling. When we stayed it was only us and ever since we’ve been determined to send them more business, such was the unrivalled hospitality they showed us. The chef was producing food that was better than any London restaurant we’ve been to – we all agreed it was the best food we have ever had on safari. 4. Siwandu Camp (Selous Safari Camp), Southern Tanzania Siwandu Camp is situated with lake views, lions roaring nearby at night and fantastic game in camp. The rooms are huge and spoiling but the food was modern, healthy and delicious. The chefs here are alternative with their ideas but it all worked beautifully and added a lot to the safari. Siwandu Camp breakfast 5. Tassia Safari Lodge, Laikipia, Northern Kenya Tassia is run by a trained chef, and she has trained all of her own staff beautifully. They even have their own cookbook so notoriously delicious was the food there. Again it is all very healthy but filling and sumptuous. Tassia Lodge food Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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