Hutong, Hong Kong – 10th anniversary special menu

In an ever-changing city where most restaurants last five or six years, celebrating a 10 year anniversary means you must be doing something right. Hutong, Aqua Restaurant Group’s northern Chinese restaurant just one floor below their flagship restaurant-cum-bar, Aqua, in the sail-shaped One Peking, is a jaw-dropping expansive space with a curved high-ceiling window that overlooks the magnificent Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island’s glittering skyline beyond. The flash, modern scene is a sharp contrast to the restaurant itself, which attempts to evoke the hutongs of Beijing, narrow streets splitting courtyard residences. The restaurant doesn’t shy away from being deliberately gimmicky in its decor with wooden doorways, birdcages and red lanterns, in addition to a wishing tree and a Chinese bicycle-rickshaw at the entrance, but it’s all part of the wonderful experience.


Celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Hutong has launched a series of menus to commemorate this occasion: the 十万 shí wan Gastronomic Journey (HK$100,000 per person) includes a round-trip business class weekend trip to London inclusive of a stay at the new Shangri-la London Hotel at The Shard, a pre-dinner cocktail experience on the red sail Chinese junk Aqua Luna and a dinner banquet for up to six guests at Hutong in Hong Kong and London; the local alternatives comprise the 万 wan menu (HK$10,000 per person) and the 千 qian menu (HK$1,000 per person).

Their 千 qian menu, which we tried, is a selection of ten dishes of primarily traditional, heavily flavoured and often spicy Beijing and northern Chinese cuisine given a contemporary twist in presentation. The menu constitutes two signature 10th anniversary dishes (Oscietra caviar and ‘Kung Po’ foie gras below) combined with classic Hutong favourites including kale stir-fried Sichuan aged sausage in ginger sauce.

Tasting highlights included:


Left to right: lamb sliced with coriander, red bell-pepper and leek; bamboo clams spiced and steeped in Chinese rose wine; Russian Oscietra caviar laced asparagus

An ostentatious starting point in ingredients and flavours, leading the way for much of the evening.


‘Kung Po’ style foie gras rolled in gold leaf with cashew nuts and chili

The dish presents several depths of flavour and texture, with the slight bitterness of the foie gras contrasting with the chili and the comparative sweet nuttiness of the cashew.

Taro cakes

Taro cake and crispy apple rolls served with home-made ice-cream

After a very heavily flavoured meal, the mildness of this dish is very much welcome and a fitting end to a wonderful meal.

With strong flavours, well cooked and pleasantly executed and presented food, here’s to a few more decades of Hutong!

The menu is available in Hong Kong until 10th May 2014.

Chinmoy Lad is the CEO and Founder of The Suite Life.

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Comments (12)

  1. Anna Parker says:

    I love the food journey option – that is incredible, certainly an easy way to arrange a trip if you have the $$$
    Some of the decor sounds a bit twee, but as you say enhances the experience. The crockery looks lovely – local and individual!
    That view looks amazing!!

  2. Noel says:

    Definitely something I would try. I love all the plate settings since I’m into ceramics and the service and the plating service looks amazing!

  3. A long way from the duck pancakes or sweet and sour chicken I would get from my local – not sure what the gold leaf adds to the taste though

  4. The first thing that stands out here is what a gorgeous view! I honestly think that goes a long way when reviewing restaurants in major cities such as Hong Kong.

    Imagine sitting their overlooking the magnificent Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Islands with your loved one and then sampling some of that delectable cuisine such as the lamb which I am real fan of (don’t generally associate Asian cuisine with lamb but I am not complaining!).

  5. I absolutely adore food like this, and I totally agree with the others who have commented about the crockery, it really sets off the restaurant, food and views. Very cool anniversary idea of the dinner and business trip.

  6. Adam says:

    beautiful. There’s a restaurant called Gigamesh in London that serves up some similar cuisine.. need to go back!

  7. Jin Huang says:

    You know what I really love with this venue? It’s the view outside! So fantastic.

  8. Ana says:

    Great article, Chin! Made me very very hungry! Would love to have this ;) better get myself to HK then – I honestly am getting a lot of signs :)

  9. Mary Anne says:

    Looks absolutely delicious. I try to do one fab. meal per trip. Sometimes it is two or three, but at least one. :-)

  10. This article really makes me miss Hong Kong I remember dining at Talk of the Town and it had a similar feel. The views are incredible!

  11. yumm looks delish! and the view is incredible! will have to make our way to HK sooner rather than later…

  12. lola says:

    Asia is calling my name! Maybe 2015 will be my Asia year and I can go have their 11th anniversary menu in Hong Kong ;)

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