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Top 5 luxury safari spots to see cheetah

The cheetah is an iconic African cat and does not disappoint when you see it in real life – in fact it really outdoes its reputation as the most beautiful cat in the world. Its sleek elegance and streamline hunting technique wins the heart of all who meet it, not least because it is a gentle and calm cat which is not aggressive towards humans. Cheetah only live in certain habitats as their fragile limbs cannot take too much punishment from rough or rocky ground and thick bush. They need wide open plains to stretch their legs and open up their lungs, with a burst of speed that is quicker than the worlds fastest sprinter. Here are the best luxury safari spots from which to spot cheetah: 1. Pamushana, Malilangwe Reserve, Zimbabwe If you caught the latest installment of Man Cheetah Wild on Animal Planet or Nat Geo you will understand why Pamushana has made it onto this list – it is not only the cheetah you will see but the story behind them, here there are huge conservation initiatives going on which are fascinating to learn about. Pamushana cheetah 2. Namiri Plains, Serengeti This area of the Serengeti is top secret and is only just opening up with one top end luxury safari camp situated on the plains there. It used to be a cheetah research area, where scientists where monitoring their breeding – now you can see abundant cheetah here whilst on safari. Namiri Plains cheetah 3. Masai Mara, Kenya Of course these vast and wide open plains are the ideal spot from which to see cheetah as they simply love the terrain here. Your expert guide will have eyes like a hawk and will be able to spot a cheetah miles away. Good advice is to always take a book in your safari vehicle, the only way to see a cheetah hunt is to stick with it all day and this might mean long hours in the car. Cheetah at Richards Camp 4. Wildebeest Migration, Tanzania & Kenya Why not kill two birds with one stone and head to wherever the wildebeest migration is at the time of year you are travelling (it happens all year so you can always see it). There are always cheetah and other predators hanging around in these areas and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Nomad Tanzania cheetah 5. South Luangwa, Zambia This wildlife park is always teeming with game and cheetahs are no exception, although they stay hidden here more often than not as there are also a lot of other predators here including lion, leopard and wild dog, all of whom would give a cheetah a hard time. Robin Pope Safaris cheetah Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. The cheetah is a fantastic animal and iv seen it a lot of times and every time i see the cheetah is like the first time again

  2. awesome… I wish to see a cheetah now! Had a great time visiting Jawai Bandh in India which are luxury tents for leopard viewing.

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