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5 reasons a luxury safari honeymoon is just better

Safari honeymoons have long been known to be very romantic – the Africans go all out to make sure it’s a trip of a lifetime and we book small surprises for our honeymooners along the way, just to make sure they’re constantly reminded that they’re VIPs. Africa has held a strange romance for many many years, ever since the first great explorers set off with luxury tented camps and hundreds of porters. Here are our top 5 reasons to take a luxury safari honeymoon over any other type of honeymoon: 1. Africa is magical As already touched on briefly Africa certainly has a magic about it which is very hard to put one’s finger on. There is something about the wide open spaces covered in wild life, and the sheer vastness of it which makes it so special. The light in Africa is always absolutely stunning and one feels far more romantic as soon as you touch down. Lions 2. Unique activities Where else in the world can you sleep out under the stars (with clear views of the milky way) whilst lions roar beneath you or the elephants graze happily around your deck. The African safari industry is very inventive and you can do anything from have a romantic rose petal bath in the bush, to spend your days being driven around in a custom made safari vehicle just for honeymooners. Quad biking on honeymoon 3. Spoiling The Africans really know how to spoil you and you will really be pampered within an inch of your life – nothing will be too much trouble and they’ll make a real fuss of you, just as it should be. Zebras 4. The camps and lodges Some of the safari honeymoon luxury camps and lodges are absolutely mind blowing when you compare them to other parts of the world – so not only do you have abundant wild animals and stunning landscapes, but you will be staying in unique and quirky luxury camps and lodges which fall into line with the world’s most amazing luxury hotels. Luxury safari camp 5. The extras The extras which make an experience life altering rather than just great are top notch in Africa. For instance the food is always exquisite, eating London restaurant standard food on a daily basis cooked by accomplished and revered chefs is always a real treat. Luxury honeymoon safari Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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