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Top 5 reasons to charter a superyacht to the Bahamas

The breathtaking Bahamas offers a sensual winter escape especially when aboard your luxury superyacht. Chartering the yacht of your dreams will ensure every moment upon the jeweled waters is something uniquely special, especially when blended with a blissful beach break in paradise. For those seeking utter relaxation with a hint of exploration, the Bahamas makes for a stunning setting that will welcome you with open arms. Superyacht In the Bahamas, spend your superyacht days soaking up the beauty of your surroundings. Enjoy a tropical breakfast on the sun deck, a lavish massage after a morning dip before stepping for to discover a little piece of Bahamian heaven. Take a glimpse at these dazzling reasons to crest across the waters on a superyacht charter to the beautiful Bahamas. Shades of blue Even the very sound of the word Bahamas conjures up images of turquoise, aquamarine and midnight hues of blue. The marine rich waters will welcome you and envelope you warmly whether you want to swim, dive down into the deep or simply languish in the shallow lapping surf. From exploring the shorelines on a jet ski safari or admiring the naturally formed blue holes, the shades of blue in the Bahamas are every bit as inspiring and evocative as they sound. Jump Diving / snorkeling World class diving and sublime snorkeling is at the very heart of the Bahamas. Some of the best dive sites in the world litter the shoreline, and exciting wreck dives tempt you down into the deep to search the ruins. Whether you want to peep beneath the surface and watch schools of tropical fish flit between your legs or whether you want to go down into the depths to another world, the Bahamian waters offer the perfect diving opportunities for all levels. Diving and snorkeling Endless white sandy beaches Imagine walking hand in hand with you lover across a landscape of sheer white fringed by tropical palms, a slice of moonlight and azure waters. The very essence of the Bahamas is captured in its seemingly endless stretches of sand. Enjoy a siesta beneath the splayed fingers of palm trees, sip cocktails with horizon views and find your own delicious piece of paradise beneath a glittering sky. Endless white sandy beaches Bahamian culture The laid back culture and rhythm of local Bahamian life are perfect for those wanting a different pace of life. Every smile is genuine, every word warmly exchanged and when the stars come out, the music and dancing spring to life. Lean across wooden shack bars with a rum in hand laughing with the locals; indulge in fresh crab straight off the boat; and watch the fishermen reel in their lines as the dawn floods the sky on the shoreline. Atlantis, Bahamas Privacy and tranquility The Bahamas offers peace and tranquility for those wanting to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You can take full advantage of the five-star spa resorts where perfect pampering is designed and delivered. Escape the crowds and find your own untouched pristine piece of shoreline or linger in midnight private dining with your chef on the water’s edge. Escape to the serenity of your superyacht and soak up nothing but unadulterated luxury and shimmering blue waters without another soul in sight. Cocktail Carl Sputh is the Captain of MYStarfire. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Hi Carl,

    In its own way, the Bahamas reminds me much of here in Fiji. The laid back vibe, the pristine environment, the stunningly clear, and colorful waters, the world class dive sites and the great overall vibe make the Bahamas so appealing. What a fab post! I would vibe with the beautiful waters most, as I’m a beach bum when it comes down to it.

    The Bahamas are also wonderful because you’re a hop skip and a jump away from the States, for all of my friends back home. Took us a bit longer to go from NJ to Fiji versus if we’d did a Bahamas bit. Either way, it’s paradise, with all of the points you noted, and doing the superyacht thing in style is the way to do it up big. Living in luxury, in a stunning paradise, is a fine way to treat yourself….or to simply, live!

    Thanks so much for sharing Carl, tweeting from Savusavu.


  2. The Bahamas are on my list for 2014! I will travel across Bermuda as well. To charter a boat would be a great idea to discover the Bahamas I guess and hope to find my favorite secret spot without any other tourists :)


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