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4 Australian destinations to explore by private jet

When it comes to the greatest adventures on Earth, the land Down Under offers a heady array of sheer wonder, excitement and one of the best natural playgrounds in the world. Admire the majestic Sydney Opera House, snorkel the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef and discover the magic of the outback as you sleep beneath Ayers Rock. For the ultimate bespoke traveling experience nothing can compare to the calm opulence and the charm of a private jet vacation. Those who love to travel but cannot abide the stress of the departure lounge, the airport commute and sharing aircraft space with strangers can really bask in the perfection of their own private jet. G-V exterior Chic city living in Sydney Embrace chic city living on the iconic shores of Sydney. As you touch down in this cosmopolitan capital you can see the famous sights of the beautifully crafted opera house, the arch of the harbor bridge and the sophisticated waterfront. Bask in the lavish luxuries of the Park Hyatt Hotel and watch the lights glitter on the water as you sip a glass of Australia’s most fabled wines. Wake to the splendor of Sydney and spend the day with a fascinating private tour of the enigmatic Opera House learning all the secrets that came with its creation. Splash and splurge in the designer boutiques lining the renowned Oxford Street before paying a visit to Bondi Beach to soak up some golden sun and crystal blue surf. Sydney Opera House Wild beauty on Kangaroo Island Let your luxury private jet sweep you away to the remote wilderness beauty of Kangaroo Island. Gaze at the long billed pelicans poking in the sand, view sea lions hop down to the waters and witness doe eyed koalas cuddling up together in the tree tops. Immerse your senses in the spectacular surroundings of the Southern Ocean Lodge, with floor to ceiling glass windows, signature spa treatments and inspiring suites you can soak up the sun and salt spray in this natural oasis. Visit the cave grottos and complex caverns of this mysterious island, stand at the majestic rock arch and spot dolphins surfing the waves. As another artistic sunset lights up the sky you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you indulge in champagne and canapés on the deck watching the kangaroos and wallabies gathering in the clearing. Kangaroo Island Soak up the mystery of Ayers Rock One of the highlights of a private jet vacation to the land down under has to be the chance to witness the mythical wonder of Ayers Rock. Earth’s greatest monolith is steeped in ancient tradition and mystery, from the sublime comfort of your luxury tented camp you can observe the rocks change color from blood reds to dusty rose, burnt amber and glittering gold. As the sky fades to darkness you can relish in a delectable dinner in the heart of the wilderness as shooting stars skim over the Milky Way. Ayers Rock cuisine Snorkel the 7th Wonder of the World The jewel in Australia’s crown and one of the seven wonders of the natural world is the underwater rainbow of the Great Barrier Reef. Board your beautiful private yacht for an adventure across the shimmering waters to snorkel and swim with sharks. For days the Great Barrier Reef can be your oasis to explore, boasting some of the planet’s most pristine beaches, an abundance of rich marine life and picturesque views that will linger in your memory. There could be no better way to end such a sublime vacation before climbing on board your plush private jet for a beautiful journey home. Great Barrier Reef Oscar Arce is the CEO of Presidential Private Jet Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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