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Top 5 luxury safari Christmas spots

Christmas in the bush is nothing less than spectacular – being out in the wilderness at such a special time really bonds people, and if you are in Africa with family it will be a magical occasion. Christmas is widely celebrated across Africa and the luxury safari lodges and camps use it as a wonderful excuse to make a fuss of their guests, and really go all out when it comes to organizing unique locations for lunch and dinner, and generally making the most of being on safari in some of the most extraordinary locations in the world. Often an acacia branch will have been adorned with Christmas decorations and the staff will be on sparkling form – joy and hilarity spreads like wild fire and the luxury safari camps are simply a wonderful place to be at Christmas. Here are our top five lodges and camps for an African Christmas. 1. Saruni Samburu, Kenya The Saruni ethos is all about family and as a result each of their camps always feel like one big home. At Saruni Samburu the Samburu staff are some of the most charming and charismatic in Kenya and so when spirits are high, as they are at Christmas, the camp atmosphere is wonderful. Your Christmas Day will be spent enjoying numerous treats from delicious food to Samburu dancing – and hopefully some exceptional wildlife viewing too. Saruni Samburu, Kenya 2. Ol Malo, Kenya This property is actually owner run and there are two generations here – this again makes for a home from home atmosphere where the focus is certainly on swapping stories by roaring fires and feeling relaxed. The Samburu also play a big part here and their cheerful ways also keep the lodge atmosphere informal and comfortable. Ol Malo, Kenya 3. Madikwe Hills, South Africa This luxury lodge does everything beautifully, and Christmas is of course no exception. The fantastic chefs here will cook up the most delicious Christmas lunch and dinner you have ever had, all of this whilst watching elephants at the waterhole below, enjoying tales of Christmas’s past from the owner and manager Hannes, and perhaps indulging yourself with the odd spa treatment. Madikwe Hills, South Africa 4. Serengeti Safari Camp, Tanzania Serengeti Safari Camp moves to follow the wildebeest migration so Christmas here is a very wild affair – the camp is only six tents which means it always feels like a family home anyway. To spent Christmas day watching the migration and all the drama that it provokes really is special, and is certainly one you’ll never forget. Serengeti Safari Camp, Tanzania 5. Siwandu Camp, Tanzania Siwandu Camp is a warm and friendly camp with views of Lake Siwandu in the Selous. Here you will be utterly pampered but will also enjoy a festive and jolly Christmas as all the staff and managers will be in exceptionally high spirits. Spending the day out on the lake can be special, and the huge suites allow plenty of space for unwrapping that stocking if you’ve taken the kids with you. Siwandu is the ideal property for exclusive use if you have a larger family too – what better Christmas could there be than taking over an entire camp. Siwandu Camp, Tanzania Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I would love to stay on any of those place over the Christmas, escaping the cold here in Iceland to go to South Africa where the warm summer waits would be comfortable. Hopefully one day I can do that.

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