Ever dreamed of owning your own part of Africa?

It might seem far-fetched, but have you ever dreamed of owning your own part of African safari real estate? Tucked away in the south-east corner of Botswana – in the heart of Africa – is the Tuli Block, and within you will find a reserve brimming in wildlife. But the magic doesn’t stop there… you can even own a slice of this reserve for your own enjoyment.


Imagine that… embarking on a magical journey in your very own part of Africa to experience the breathtaking scenery of your own private game reserve, free to explore whenever and wherever you want. The reserve is riddled with a network of tracks that give you direct access to various waterholes, secluded spots that are perfect for a picnic or sundowner, and even viewing hides for the ultimate wildlife experiences. The chances are you won’t see other explorers – the seclusion is such that you’ll be more likely to spot one of the Big 5 than another 4×4.


Your private safari

Part of Africa is your gateway to this magical private game reserve in Botswana. As a co-owner of this reserve you can even get involved in exciting conservation projects, in addition to soaking up the scenery and the abundance of wildlife and habitats. Whatever your preference, as an owner you get to call the shots and spend your days completely as you please. Get up early and see incredible sunrises and perhaps even spot a leopard – often one of the more elusive of the Big 5 – but in the Tuli Block offering higher than normal visibility. This amazing predator is renowned for being shy but as many as 20 individual leopards have been identified by an owner-led identification campaign at the reserve. Keep your eyes peeled on the trees – this magnificent beast is capable of taking up prey even when it weighs up to double its own weight.


Freedom is the biggest luxury

The independence to explore as you wish is the beauty of owning your own piece of this African reserve. This unique offering means that co-owners of the reserve have the freedom of self-guiding and going off the beaten track. You stop when you wish and return to your lodge whenever you desire. If you want to go looking for leopard, you can… but there’s a wealth of other predators you can also track, such as cheetah, hyena, crocodiles, civet and jackals. There’s even one of the world’s most endangered mammals – African wild dogs.

Drive ranger

To support all these predators, there is of course a healthy grazing population too, that includes zebra, impala, kudu, eland, wildebeest, bushbuck, waterbuck, steenbok, klipspringer and other antelope species being among those that thrive the most. This diversity is key to supporting the reserve’s predatory population. Rhinos, hippos and elephants are present too.

Leaving a legacy

The reserve has put conservation high on the agenda, as this is an essential part of leaving a legacy for future generations. The white rhino has been successfully re-introduced and there are plans afoot to re-introduce the critically endangered black rhino. The wild dogs were re-introduced also and you can get involved in the support for these magnificent animals – a unique owner experience. As an owner you can also actively take part in the various community projects. Visiting local schools and providing jobs and education for local communities are great examples of the reserve’s involvement.


And if you want to retreat completely, you’ll also have your own private lodge in the reserve’s main camp, which overlooks the Limpopo River – a key backbone in supporting the reserve’s life and fertility. Relax, read a book, look at animals while they’re having their evening drink of just sit back and enjoy the sounds or nature. And with plans afoot for new sites, you will also have the chance to build your own private dream lodge.

Envisioned rendering

So what’s stopping you? Tell us how you would spend your days if you owned a unique part of Africa…

Comments (3)

  1. It would be wonderful to get involved with conservation projects and to spend more time on the reserve observing the wildlife – a dream come true for sure!

  2. Kerri DeCourcey says:

    It would be absolutely fabulous to own a piece of this paradise. Outside of learning the history of the region, I would create a twice annual retreat for students from around the world to come and indulge in a week of activities to learn the history and regional favorites taught only by the natives of the region.

  3. Barry D says:

    I would start a safari holiday camp to share this beautiful land with other Brits, then wind the business down when I am ready to retire and have it as my retirement home.

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