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5 of the best high-in-the-sky travel experiences

Dubai, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Shanghai… A solid top 5 must-visit list, and home to some the highest and sought after attractions. Being on top will always be en vogue! How do you rival an Orlando Disney World experience? What’s it like to stand atop a glass floor from 100 storeys high? How much adrenalin does the world’s tallest roller coaster generate? Here are insights into visiting some of the world’s highest attractions – in style. Burj al Khalifa Unless you’re friends with the Sheik, you won’t have access to his personal residence upon the top floors of the world’s tallest building. Yet with Fast Track tickets, you can proceed directly to the 124th floor for unparalleled views of Dubai. The ticket also entitles to privileged queuing at designated areas. Dubai looks to double the hotel room stock by 2020, and a must-visit destination for the luxury minded. Burj al Khalifa, Dubai Willis Tower Skydeck At 1,353 feet in the air, The Ledge glass box extends 4.3 feet from the building for chilling views straight down below your Jimmy Choos. And for the ultimate luxurious event – rent the Tower’s 99th floor for a stunning Chicago cocktail reception, and gain VIP access to The Ledge! Willis Tower Sky Deck, Chicago The world’s tallest roller coaster As Orlando continues to expand its luxury hotel supply (10 five-star hotels as of this writing), the unique attractions continue to evolve. Take a 4-minute ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster to open in 2017 called Skyscraper. Orlando Skyscraper roller coaster Even the promotional video will get your heart pounding!
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One World Trade Center On top of the tallest building in the western hemisphere will host floors 100 to 102, New York City’s highest observation decks. Enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean and Catskill mountains while dining on the 101st floor. Yet don’t expect fine dining. Put your posh aside for the day while feasting on Yankee Stadium food offerings. Hey, this is New York! One World Trade Center NYC Shanghai Tower If world-class, high-end shopping is your game, the most exclusive brands in the world will be found within the world’s second-tallest building. The Shanghai Tower will be completed in 2015 in the financial district, so while one spouse negotiates high-powered business deals, the other can negotiate a myriad of high heel choices. Shanghai Tower David Gilmore is Director of Marketing at LMTclub.com. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Can’t deny that Orlando’s Skyscraper roller-coaster stole the show of this article for me– the level of hype that will be generated by that ride in a couple of years will be unreal. Great rundown of some high-flying luxury hot-spots!

  2. Couple of observations on Shanghai….
    – That stock photo is so old, it doesn’t even have the SWFC in it. One of coolest things about Shanghai is that it’s got the worlds #2, 7, and 17 tallest building all together in one place.
    – China is perhaps the worst place to shop for luxury goods. There is a hefty luxury tax, you’ll find items double or triple their price elsewhere. This is why Chinese tourists buy so much when they are abroad.
    – It’s very offensive that you imply the spouse doing shopping would be female and buying “high heels”

  3. Other towers re fun too like Macau, Auckland, Berlin. Was up on the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The old Tokyo tower was fun and so was the Eiffel. Hint go to Tour Montparnesse in Paris for top floor view better price

  4. I’ve seen pictures of my cousin sitting on the glass ledge of Willis Tower in Chicago and my heart pounded for a couple of seconds. I am afraid of heights, and while I can dare myself to do the same, I don’t think I will. I don’t like glass partitions when it comes to heights. In my mind, they can break and I can fall. I’m more stable when it’s concrete. I can’t even walk on the rail side of a mall’s 4th floor, to be honest. I’m sure there are all great experiences I will probably never have. I’ll just enjoy it from other people’s perspective.

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