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5 trends in luxury vacations for 2015

Luxury travel has long been the epitome of finely curated and cultured experiences around the globe. Affluent journeying is the hallmark of exceptional encounters swathed in sophistication, excellent cuisine, and out of the ordinary adventures in far away lands. No longer is luxury vacationing simply about all-inclusive cocktails sweltering beside the pool, it’s being replaced with the freedom of private jet travel, unfamiliar locales and rare tailor-made events. Multi-generational exploration The world is a melting pot of cultures and multi-generational wisps present on every continent. It is becoming increasingly important for families to paint memories together and reconnect, with travel providing a singular occasion to do so. Private jet vacations are the ideal medium to deliver such experiences. Charter service can take you on a whirlwind expedition of discovery to suit all generations with dream destinations like Japan. Whether it’s standing beneath the cherry blossom of the divine Mt. Fuji or trying tender wagyu for the first time, younger travelers will adore the bright lights of Tokyo and grandparents can bask in the simple nature of rural Shirakawa-go. Multi-generational travel Fleeting getaways for the younger Busy young entrepreneurs may find it difficult to break away for long lounging vacations yet can achieve their luxury fill in a matter of days. The fleeting getaway allows you to step on board your private jet and be whisked away to glamorous locations without the fuss. Jet from the fast paced streets of cosmopolitan Hong Kong to the tantalizing Forbidden City in Beijing, hop across the continent from New York to the vine tangled bliss of a weekend escape to the Napa Valley, or bask in mesmerizing Spanish flair and Michelin-starred feasts on the shores of Barcelona. The fleeting getaway is the very essence of the jet set lifestyle. Fleeting getaways - Napa Valley Re-discovering previously visited destinations Perhaps you adore lingering on the sands of Hawaii or wandering through the snake-like streets of Marrakesh, with private jet vacations you can re-discover your favorite locale with a whole new perspective. Traveling by private jet can turn every moment into a delightful experience. The autonomy to hop from the vibrant charm of Sydney to the velvet green canopies of Fiji or to swing by the fish market in Kauai before jetting to the Big Island seems to make the world small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. With a private jet jaunt, you can dine with royalty, glimpse private art collections and see the places you love in a whole different light. Re-discovering Active and adventure vacations Take a deep breath and feel pleasure pulsing through your veins with an extraordinary active and adventure vacation. Whether it’s climbing the steps of Machu Picchu, putting one foot first on ancient glaciers or riding horses through the Argentinean plains, active vacations serve to remind us of the spirit of adventure. Private jet holidays can take you to every far-flung corner of the globe where you can climb, jump, swim and see dazzling sights that are sure to linger in your memory. With eco-travel raising the stakes, you can spend your days indulging in adrenaline-fuelled explorations before sleeping beneath bright jungle canopies or the falling stars of the Sahara. Active and adventure travel Seeking out what’s next Trends in luxury travel are there to be explored and boundaries broken. Emerging destinations turning heads for the coming year include the spectacular glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland, the rainbow paradise of the Galapagos and the sacred sites of Myanmar. Pave your own way and set your own trends to seek out what’s next. Touching down in exotic off-the-beaten-path locations, breathing a little life back into the wonder of the Far East or finding exceptional bohemian retreats in the forgotten corners of South America, you can scope out your own vision for the perfect experience. Seeking out Myanmar Oscar Arce is the CEO of Presidential Private Jet Vacations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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